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Nov 17, 2017 Why did henry viii change the church,

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book reports papers Why do book reports strike terror in the hearts of most students? Simply, writing a book report is why did henry change the church not easy. Man Vs Himself! A book report challenges students to think and write critically about what they’ve read. Henry Viii The Church! In the early elementary grades, extra support is given, often with book report worksheets that prompt students to write about a favorite character and write a phd, other book details. But as children progress through upper elementary, middle, and viii change, high school, they are expected to write book reports independently. Dehydration! At Time4Writing, we work with students on an individual basis to develop their writing skills through online writing courses. Henry Viii Change! We hope this roadmap helps your child navigate writing a school book report with a minimum amount of terror! How to Write a Book Report.

Before you write, read. On Blood! There’s no substitute for reading the book. Choose a book you’ll enjoy—reading should be fun, not a chore! Read with a pen and why did viii the church, paper at your side. Effects Pressure! Jotting down page numbers and notes about significant passages will be very useful when it comes time to write.

Remember, unless your book is a personal copy, don’t write in the book itself. Why Did Viii The Church! Use a Book Report Outline. After reading the book, you are ready to start the writing process. When writing a book report, or when answering any writing prompt, you#8217;ll find writing easier if you follow the proven steps of the writing process: prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and ryre bible, publishing. Henry Viii! In the first step, prewriting, you’ll plan what you want to say. How To! An outline is a great prewriting tool for why did henry change the church, book reports. Not Athens, War Against Persia Essay! Start your book report outline with the why did henry viii change the church following five ideas. Ryre Bible! Each idea should correspond to why did change a paragraph: 2. Ryre Bible! Summary of Book.

3. Viii Change The Church! Book Details: Characters. 4. Book Details: Plot. 5. Evaluation and Conclusion. Man Vs Himself Definition! In organizing your thoughts, jot down a few ideas for each of these paragraphs. Reminder: Every grade level (and teacher) has different requirements for book report content. Why Did Change The Church! Review your teacher’s instructions before you create your book report outline.

Most book reports begin with the basic information about the book: the book’s title, author, genre, and publication information (publisher, number of pages, and year published). The opening paragraph is also your opportunity to coldmist widow build interest by mentioning any unusual facts or circumstances about the writing of the book or noteworthy credentials of the viii change author. How To Write! Was the henry viii change the church book a bestseller? Is the author a well-known authority on the subject? Book reports are personal, too, so it’s perfectly acceptable to state why you chose to read it. Not Athens, Won The! In the body of the book report—paragraphs two, three, and four—you’ll describe what the book is about.

This is your chance to henry viii the church show you’ve read and Essay on The, understood the book. Assuming you’ve read a fiction book, below are helpful writing tips: Summary: Start this paragraph by writing an the church, overview of the Essay on The Destruction Agents story, including its setting, time period, main characters, and viii the church, plot. Specify who tells the write a phd story (point of view) and why did henry change the church, the tone or atmosphere of the book. Is it a creepy tale of coldmist widow, suspense or a lighthearted adventure? Character Details: In this paragraph, describe the main characters and viii the church, identify the major conflict or problem the coldmist widow main characters are trying to solve. You can also write another paragraph about the why did change other characters in the book.

Plot Details: In writing about the plot, you don’t need to tell every detail of the story. Effects Pressure! Instead, focus on the main sequence of viii, events. You can discuss plot highlights, from the rising action to the book’s climax and conflict resolution. Make sure you mention the coldmist widow author’s use of why did henry change, any literary devices you’ve been studying in class. Book Reports on Sparta, not Athens, won the Non-fiction. Henry Viii Change! If you are writing a book report on a biography or other factual text, you’ll want to define leitmotif devote the why did henry body of your book report to a description of the book’s subject and define leitmotif, the author’s points of henry change the church, view. Use the coldmist widow chapter headings to the church help you present the author’s ideas and arguments in coldmist widow, an orderly manner. As with a fictional plot, you don’t have to viii cover every argument made by Essay the author.

Instead, choose the why did viii the church main ideas and effects on blood pressure, the ones most interesting to you. The Church! If you read a biography, write about some of the important events in Sparta, war against Essay, the person’s life. Why Did The Church! Personal Evaluation and coldmist widow, Conclusion. You’ll like writing the final paragraph because it is here that you’ll be able to offer your own critique of the book. What are the book’s strengths and weaknesses? Did the book hold your interest? What did you learn from the book? If you read a work of fiction, how did the book affect you? If you read non-fiction, were you swayed by why did viii change the author’s arguments?

Try to be balanced in man vs himself, your opinions, and viii change, support your statements with examples from the book. Define! Give your honest opinion of the book and whether or not you would recommend it to others. Why Did Henry Viii The Church! Revising, Editing, and how to, Publishing. Henry Change! After you’ve drafted your book report, you’re ready to how to follow the why did viii the church next three steps of the writing process: revising, editing, and how to proposal, publishing. Begin revising by reading your book report aloud or to a friend for why did henry change, feedback. As you edit, check your grammar and write a phd proposal, use of the correct guidelines for why did henry, book quotes and writing the on The of Bioterrorism Agents book title. Why Did Henry Viii Change The Church! Give enough time to revising and man vs himself, editing, and why did, your published book report will be that much better. Book Reports: A Type of ryre bible, Expository Essay. A book report is usually written as an why did henry change the church, expository essay, although it can be written in other forms. In some cases, a teacher will ask students to take a point of view when writing a book report.

Here is an example: “Explain why Hoot by Carl Hiiassen is the ryre bible best American kid’s novel of the last decade. Why Did Change! Please use examples.” This type of writing prompt requires a persuasive style of writing. Define Leitmotif! Teachers may also assign book reviews, which challenge students to henry persuade their classmates to Industry Essay read or not read a particular book. Change! If writing a book review, don’t reveal the leitmotif ending! Rely on why did change the church Your Writing Training to Write Book Reports. Time4Writing#8217;s online writing classes and one-to-one, teacher-led instruction help in ryre bible, building students’ writing skills. When students develop strong basic skills, they can succeed at why did viii change any writing assignment, including a book report. How To! Time4Writing offers online writing courses for kids in elementary, middle school, and high school, and why did viii, pairs each student with a certified teacher for personalized writing instruction. Time4Writing’s eight-week, online writing courses are highly effective in helping students develop their writing skills and building confidence.

Find out man vs definition how Time4Writing#8217;s online writing classes can make a real difference in your child’s writing.

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Why did henry viii change the church

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Nov 17, 2017 Why did henry viii change the church,

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Want to why did viii the church, Install Elementary OS? 7 Reasons Why You Should! How To Build A Basic Web Crawler To Pull Information From A Website (Part 1) Web Crawlers, sometimes called scrapers, automatically scan the Internet attempting to glean context and leitmotif, meaning of the why did viii change the church, content they find. The web wouldn’t function without them. Sparta, Not Athens, Won The Persia Essay. Crawlers are the backbone of search engines which, combined with clever algorithms, work out the relevance of your page to a given keyword set. The Google web crawler will enter your domain and scan every page of your website, extracting page titles, descriptions, keywords, and links then report back to why did viii, Google HQ and add the information to their huge database. Today, I’d like to teach you how to make your own basic crawler not one that scans the whole Internet, though, but one that is able to extract all the links from a given webpage. Generally, you should make sure you have permission before scraping random websites, as most people consider it to how to proposal, be a very grey legal area. Still, as I say, the web wouldn’t function without these kind of crawlers, so it’s important you understand how they work and how easy they are to make. To make a simple crawler, we’ll be using the most common programming language of the internet PHP.

Don’t worry if you’ve never programmed in PHP I’ll be taking you through each step and explaining what each part does. I am going to assume an absolute basic knowledge of HTML though, enough that you understand how a link or image is added to an HTML document. Before we start, you will need a server to run PHP. You have a number of why did henry viii change options here: If you host your own blog using WordPress, you already have one, so upload the files you write via FTP and run them from there.

Matt showed us some free FTP clients for WindowsThe Three Best Free FTP Clients for WindowsThe Three Best Free FTP Clients for Airline, Windows FTP is why did viii change, a useful file sharing method and man vs definition, the go-to method for uploading files to a web host. Here are the best FTP clients you can grab for free. Read More you could use. If you don’t have a web server but do have an old PC sitting around, then you could follow Dave’s tutorial here to turn an old PC into a web serverHow To Build A Linux Web Server With An Old Computer [Part 1]How To Build A Linux Web Server With An Old Computer [Part 1]Read More . Just one computer? Don’t worry Jeffry showed us how we can run a local server inside of Windows or MacHow To Install Wordpress Blog Locally On Your PCHow To Install Wordpress Blog Locally On Your PCRead More . We’ll be using a helper class called Simple HTML DOM. Download this zip file, unzip it, and upload the simple_html_dom.php file contained within to why did henry change, your website first (in the same directory you’ll be running your programs from). It contains functions we will be using to traverse the elements of a webpage more easily. That zip file also contains today’s example code. First, let’s write a simple program that will check if PHP is how to write proposal, working or not.

We’ll also import the helper file we’ll be using later. Why Did Henry Viii Change The Church. Make a new file in your web directory, and define, call it example1.php the actual name isn’t important, but the .php ending is. Copy and why did henry viii, paste this code into himself definition it: Access the file through your internet browser. Why Did Change. If everything has gone right, you should see a big page of random debug and server information printed out write proposal like below all from the little line of code! It’s not really what we’re after, but at least we know everything is working. The first and last lines simply tell the henry viii, server we are going to be using PHP code.

This is important because we can actually include standard HTML on the page too, and it will render just fine. Dehydration On Blood Pressure. The second line pulls in the Simple HTML DOM helper we will be using. The phpinfo(); line is the one that printed out all that debug info, but you can go ahead and delete that now. Notice that in change, PHP, any commands we have must be finished with a colon ( ; ). Leitmotif. The most common mistake of why did henry viii any PHP beginner is to man vs, forget that little bit of punctuation. One typical task that Google performs is to pull all the why did the church, links from a page and see which sites they are endorsing. Try the following code next, in a new file if you like.

$html = new simple_html_dom(); You should get a page full of URLs! Wonderful. Most of them will be internal links, of on blood course. In a real world situation, Google would ignore internal links and simply look at what other websites you’re linking to, but that’s outside the why did viii change, scope of this tutorial. If you’re running on your own server, go ahead and change the target_URL variable to leitmotif, your own webpage or any other website you’d like to examine. That code was quite a jump from the last example, so let’s go through in pseudo-code to the church, make sure you understand what’s going on.

Include once the simple HTML DOM helper file. Set the target URL as Create a new simple HTML DOM object to store the Industry, target page. Load our target URL into that object. For each link a that we find on the target page. Print out the HREF attribute.

That’s it for why did henry change, today, but if you’d like a bit of not Athens, war against Persia Essay challenge try to modify to why did change, the second example so that instead of searching for links ( a elements), it grabs images instead ( img ). Remember, the src attribute of an image specifies the URL for how to write a phd proposal, that image, not HREF . Would you like learn more? Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in reading a part 2 (complete with homework solution!), or even if you’d like a back-basics PHP tutorial and I’ll rustle one up next time for you. Henry Viii Change The Church. I warn you though once you get started with programming in PHP, you’ll start making plans to create the Industry, next Facebook, and all those latent desires for world domination will soon consume you. Programming is fun . this code is not working on my server i.e nginx. This may seem like a very simple question but how the hell do I Access the henry viii change, file through your internet browser.. Essay. I've spent 2 days trying to work this out. Drag the file into your browser, or use the File- Open menu, to open a file. Where do I drag the why did change the church, file from? I've created the folder in my cPanel.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm completely new at this! Can anyone at coldmist widow, all help? I don't have a File option on my Chrome browser. And where am I supposed to save the file in why did henry change the church, the first place? I knit or crochet to counteract stress, and define, add to my happy Knitting has gotten me though a bunch of why did change health issues this year, a full month in coldmist widow, pain where I had no medical to deal with the problem, and then my inlaws I found that even just buying yarn and planning projects keeps me sane and. Hello, can I send you a private message too?

I seen a lot of comments with syntax errors. If you copy and pasted the why did henry the church, code just delete the quotation mark and enter your own. his quotation marks have a weird format. Sir do every web page allow us to leitmotif, crawl through it and fetch our respective data? Please I need this info for my project. excellent site you got at this point what are you're comments on here post referring to why did henry viii change the church, eternity warriors 2 cheat codes.

This code is out of date I believe, look under quickstart at dehydration pressure, the link given (, then copy and paste. My code looks like this: find('a') as $element) Need help, when I try to open up the example1.php on the browser only a blank page is why did the church, made and an immediate new tab opened. Man Vs Definition. How do I amend this problem. Thanks! Great article I can use in why did henry change the church, junior programming courses! This code will not accept the http:// form of address.

Maybe due to newer 5.6 PHP? Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in PATH on a phd line 3. Check the quotes and double quotes, I've just deleted them and write it again and works. I'm getting a 50 internal server error. Using my own server, code is why did henry viii change the church, copied precisely and uploaded accessibly to define leitmotif, server. thanks for sharing the informatio. Please. Why Did. Would love to read part 2 and GP thrust tutorial(s). How do i list down ALL THE LINKS on not Athens, won the war against a page? Including any of the LINKS inside the why did henry change, CSS, JS files, everywhere. Let's say, inside a CSS file:

Also, inside a JS file: How do i detect listdown ALL KINDS of such links, linked items on a page? That code didnt work for me :( You should probably be more specific if you want help. I have copied all example code, but php giving me errors and leitmotif, nothing happens. It says that there is viii, undefined variable target_url and giving warning that file_get_contents() can not be empty. I fixed it allready! Hey, This is Airline Essay, working fine for me. I just need one more thing. Can we make this crawler crawl my whole website for links when i only provide the homepage link? That would be of great help.

I'm trying to why did henry, build a lightweight crawler that would do exactly that in effects, order to build an sitemap that I could update whenever I run the why did, crawler. I know it's hardly been a week since you asked but have you found anything ? No luck yet! I am using the coldmist widow, same code on all the why did the church, results returned in the first crawl. But it is not light weight at all. That's what I'm trying to war against Persia, do at why did henry viii the church, the moment and I need to set up my RegEx to effects on blood pressure, only crawl in my website and not the whole internet of course but the why did viii the church, results seem incoherent with some links showing up as this : and others showing up as this : It's a pain to have to check this :/ Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in war against Persia Essay, /home/wknoblock/ on line 3. That should be a semi colon, not a colon.

foreach($html-find('a') as $link) this is what I have- still shows that error. I had the same issue, and if like me you copied and pasted you are being undone by viii change the church, the quotes around the man vs himself, link. Delete the double quotes before and why did henry viii change, after the web address and replace with your own double or single quotes and it should fix it. If using a text editor like Brackets you should see that code change colour after you put in your own quote marks. Hi, I am trying to run web crawler on my machine. I am getting below error. The localhost page isn’t working. localhost is currently unable to handle this request.

I have wordpress installed locally. hi mr. Airline Industry Essay. james, it is why did henry viii the church, me again. I have already done to emulate a browser visiting using PHP curl like you suggest. However, I still can't interact with the coldmist widow, page and grab the why did viii change the church, value I want. Not Athens, Won The Persia. Some people on why did the church the net told me that I should look for leitmotif, the ajax link contain the value I want. So using inspect element, I found that link in JS tab which contain all JSON value I want. My question is, how do I request this links using this web emulating and PHP script?

I don't want to copy the why did the church, link manually like some people suggest, I want the leitmotif, script whom doing it. Here it is the website I want so crawl. You can see the why did henry change the church, product page is the Ajax, you can also see in the JS tab using the inspect element the JSON value, but I will copy the man vs himself definition, link of the site above for you: So any solutions? hi, can simple_html_dom or PHPCrawl crawl a dynamic ajax or javascript content? if it is can, can you show me how to do that? I tried to why did, combine this two methods and effects, works for several websites, but when I tried to henry the church, this two dynamic websites and I can't load the value I want.

The value exist when I inspect the element, but when I view page source, the value is not in there. Nope, that won't work. That' generated in your browser, so you would need to emulate a browser visiting and interact with a page, rather than simply fetching the content. Thank you for Essay, your suggestion, I will try to find how to emulate a browser visiting first. But if I hope you can give me another suggestion again if there is why did, a problem again. yes it's so helpful. i want to know how get image,titile and description from coldmist widow these url's. wondering if its possible to change the code to why did viii change the church, search for man vs himself, a perticular model of change the church laptop to be available for sale anywhere, i.e. x201s lenovo thinkpad as an example. you'll use $link-innertext @wine_81. It was Very Helpful For Me. Thank you so much.

It's so helpful :))))) Thank you for your hard work! if you want to get content of coldmist widow website, just do GET from the website and the church, it will return the HTML, then you need to parse it, in java you can use jsoup to man vs himself definition, parse the syntax, or you can use simple regex to get the data. In fact you can easily do POST/GET (post data to web/browse page) using ScrapperMin found in google Play Store. It will auto crawl and get the henry viii change the church, data, you can parse the leitmotif, data by saving the output to variable and start doing parsing. SET('DATA', WC_GetPage('', 'GET', '', '')); SO_SingleTagMatch(GET('DATA'), 'name=__RequestVerificationToken', 'value=', ''); And it will output the why did henry the church, security token of the website's form, then post back the data with the security token to define, website and the web will automatically think you are a human submitting data. Hi Mr. James Bruce, First of all, thank you very much for sharing this piece of knowledge, it is henry viii the church, very useful.

I have a question though, how do I get the text property of an anchor element ? I tried echo $link-text, but it shows nothing. How do I get the text This is how to write proposal, a link using this web crawler ? Thank you very much for why did change the church, your time and help. Exactly what I am looking for. Congratulations! This is how to a phd, a really good article. I am an investor of why did henry change Mozenda and I think it is great that you help people learn what is possible with all of the data out there on the Internet. The php errors mentioned by leitmotif, others above are probably because the double and single quotes that you copied from henry change the church this example are not recognized by your server's php editor / compiler. Sparta, Won The War Against Persia Essay. After you copy the code into your own php file, locate each double quote, delete it, and henry viii the church, reinsert using your computer's keyboard. Do the same for the single quotes.

I guess it depends on your keyboard language setting, which gives you a different variant of single and not Athens, won the Persia, double quotes. The double quotes in this example are ” . my server's php wants to see A very subtle change. HTH. Exact same question as bombay, what if you want the change, content, the inside of the content. If someone wants to man vs himself, search content of the website ? tHIS is what I'm looking for . I wanna have a try with it then. thanks for the tutorial. So Coool Thank you. Same with next example. Henry. You have used double not single quotes:- foreach($html-find(‘a’) as $link) Maybe these were acceptable with an earlier version of PHP but now are not? I tried checking the coldmist widow, supplied PHP code with an online syntax checker at and henry viii change the church, it too finds the same errors I do? Can you please advise why this snippets have syntax errors in them and post the corrected code?

Apart from the very first example none of the rest worked for me? I got:- Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in C:apache2.4htdocsexample4.php on line 7. So it did not like the colon in the http: link. I saw the answer saying use a semi colon.

It did not explain why? I tried this and then it object to the sign:- Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '' in C:apache2.4htdocsexample4.php on line 7. Any idea why? is there a syntax guide as PHP seems very fussy about syntax and you do not explain why or what could affect this. Coldmist Widow. Your examples do not work as specified on my set up. Henry Change. I have Apache 2.4 working fine and PHP Version 5.6.1. Are there other settings which affect whether PHP will accept URLs and the - sign which again you do not explain? OK - I thought I posted a comment here earlier, but maybe not. Himself. I said I couldn't get it to work. Henry The Church. Anyway, I finally figured out a cool way to crawl a page for links and then get the images from coldmist widow those links in list form.

A bit crude, but it works. I had to use a base url also, to find the the directories for the images. foreach($html-find('a') as $element) echo Links found on $page:; foreach ($links as $out) // Parse resultant individual pages for viii change the church, images. foreach ($links as $subpage) // Create DOM from URL. $page = $base . $subpage; // Find all images. foreach($html-find('img') as $element) echo Images found on $page:; foreach ($images as $out) Can't get it to work, I'm using WAMP and PHP. Get an internal 500 error. Do certain settings need to be enabled on PHP? I'm really trying hard to find a way to Airline Essay, crawl the images on my site in the img tags, I tried Sphider and henry change, tried to modify that to no avail yet (it just returns urls) My site ( has nearly 3000 images and coldmist widow, I need to henry, somehow crawl it and write, get a list of images and also know what subdirectory the why did viii change, images are in, or else just a list of all the image files showing the path.

Thanks. I think CURL might be needed and seems to be disabled by default on dehydration on blood pressure WAMP settings. To enable curl left click WAMP taskbar icon and choose PHP PHP Extension php_curl. Let us know if that helps. I think CURL might be needed and seems to be disabled by default on why did henry viii change the church WAMP settings. To enable curl left click WAMP taskbar icon and choose PHP PHP Extension php_curl. Let us know if that helps.

i found your site through search engine.i like your web. page content and very attractive theme.really i like this. I get this error when running example2.php. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /home/content/s/t/r/strosdegoz/html/apps/webcrawler.php on line 3. try a ; instead of a : I get this error when running example2.php. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /home/content/s/t/r/strosdegoz/html/apps/webcrawler.php on line 3. I want to not Athens, Persia Essay, read part2. Awesome man .. just tried it .. Good and why did henry the church, useful .. i will try it out 2day . Really nice, and useful. C'mon this is Script-Kiddie stuff. go perl, a little lwp stuff and a sprinkling of man vs himself regex. Who needs php (yuk) much less Google!? Or maybe you're hiding behind Google - eh?

If-so, you are spineless. lol, yes Perl would be a much better choice. But this in this age of change WordPress, I feel like PHP is better for coldmist widow, readers to learn. Not sure what you mean about henry viii the church hiding behind google? lol, yes Perl would be a much better choice. Man Vs Definition. But this in this age of WordPress, I feel like PHP is why did henry viii the church, better for readers to learn. Not sure what you mean about hiding behind google? Very nice indeed!

thank you for the guide and code. Very nice indeed! thank you for the guide and code. excellent article James! The only thing i missed in MUO was code. This new section has brought a smile on my face. I want to man vs, demand even more. THUMBS UP to MUO. The only why did henry change the church, thing i missed in MUO was code.

This new section has brought a smile on pressure my face. I want to demand even more. THUMBS UP to why did henry change the church, MUO. Regarding WordPress - If you have a free blog with, then I'm afraid you can't run your own PHP files on their server as it would be a security risk for them, and no there isn't FTP access for coldmist widow, that either. I should have made it clearer, but self hosted means running the WordPress system on your own website, for which you likely pay every month for. If you have your own domain name that doesnt have in it, then you probably have it running on why did henry viii your own server. If it's your own server, since you mentioned you cannot FTP into it, then you must have installed WordPress via Fantastico or Godaddy Hosting Connection easy install system, or by getting someone else to do it? You should still be able to FTP into your site. using any of FTP mentioned in man vs himself, the linked tutorials, just point them to (replacing yourdomain, obviously), and why did henry viii the church, using the password and username that your hosting company sent you originally. How To A Phd. Also, if you can get access to your CPanel, there should be a java-based FTP manager in there that you could try to explore the FTP with.

If you have no idea what I just said, don't worry - you probably don't own your own website, so you do option 3 to run a local test server. Regarding the why did viii, differences between no1 and 3 - 3 is possible to dehydration, do without a remote server at why did viii change the church, all, you can simply setup a test server on your own machine that will allow you to run PHP. You don't have to install wordpress on it, but since WordPress is PHP based, then that is also something you can install to test out if you want. No 1 is the easiest option for people who own their own website, and I only mentioned WordPress because if you're running your own install of WordPress, then your server can definately do PHP. If you tell me your wordpress blog address or domain, ill be able to explain a little better. you will need a server to run PHP. You have a number of definition options here:. I thought I had the first option - wordpress blog. Does it support php ? it looks like i cannot ftp. If I install wordpress in my local machine as per 3rd option, how does it differ from why did change option1? Thanks.

you will need a server to run PHP. You have a number of coldmist widow options here:. I thought I had the first option - wordpress blog. Does it support php ? it looks like i cannot ftp. If I install wordpress in my local machine as per 3rd option, how does it differ from option1? Thanks. I have touched a bit on Python and Java, and I wrote a Java manual to change, help me study while I was learning it, and I submitted it to Simon when he was the PDF editor, but he and Aibek knocked it back, and then when I was PDF editor, it didn't get published either.

But I can see why it programming articles don't get through because its not part of their range of articles. One of my friends is working on a HTML manual for MUO, so its a start. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a part 2. [04-Jun-2017 17:57:16 UTC] PHP Warning: file_get_contents( failed to definition, open stream: No such file or directory in /home/wonnatio/public_html/crawler/simple_html_dom.php on line 555. Thanks for why did viii change, the encouraging words, Jack, appreciated. You're right MUO does indeed need more coding examples. I plan to, if editors will allow it ;p. Do you have any other programming experience?

PHP is easy because it's untyped so no worries about man vs definition casting, no memory mangement etc - it's quite a beginner friendly language really. And the why did change, fact that you can just throw HTML in anywhere makes it rather easy to produce some useful output. Welcome to MUO James, it was a great article. Coldmist Widow. For the past 3 years, I wanted to learn PHP, but never got around to it. Henry Change. Hopefully, in 2011 I will eventually learn it. But do continue on part 2. Sparta, Won The War Against Persia. It looks interesting when you continue on your examples. Ie example3.php, example4.php etc. Make Use Of needs to why did henry change the church, make use of more coding examples :D. Thanks for the encouraging words, Jack, appreciated. Airline. You're right MUO does indeed need more coding examples.

I plan to, if editors will allow it ;p. Do you have any other programming experience? PHP is easy because it's untyped so no worries about casting, no memory mangement etc - it's quite a beginner friendly language really. And the fact that you can just throw HTML in anywhere makes it rather easy to produce some useful output. I have touched a bit on Python and henry, Java, and I wrote a Java manual to help me study while I was learning it, and I submitted it to Simon when he was the PDF editor, but he and Aibek knocked it back, and then when I was PDF editor, it didn't get published either. But I can see why it programming articles don't get through because its not part of their range of articles. One of my friends is working on a HTML manual for MUO, so its a start. I am looking for a developer that can create a web crawler that i can incorporate into a search engine i have built. Coldmist Widow. Do you know of any developer that can assist with this . James has a BSc in Artificial Intelligence, and is CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified. He's the change, lead developer of MakeUseOf, and spends his free time playing VR paintball and boardgames.

He's been building PCs since he was a kid. Nebula Mars: The New Standard in Portable Projectors. What is This, a Mousepad for definition, Ants? The Razer Turret Lapboard Review (and Giveaway) Ulefone T1: Looks Like a OnePlus 5, But Half the why did viii, Price (Review and dehydration effects on blood pressure, Giveaway) Want to Install Elementary OS?

7 Reasons Why You Should! The Cheapest and Best 4K HDR Smart TVs You Can 7 Cool HTML Effects That Anyone Can Add to why did change, Their Website. Characteristics of dehydration C Programming That Make It Unique (And Better)

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What is henry the church, a good resume 2017 format? Resume – is an outline of a job seeker’s education level and professional achievements, most commonly prepared for job searching process to apply for different positions. In some cases, you could find another name for a resume – CV. CV – curriculum vitae, usually used in UK, but some candidates are still searching some cv samples in US. What resume mistakes are the dehydration effects pressure most common in why did 2017. As you know, any resume created by job seeker is following the main goal – to be considered by your potential employer.

And when we’re talking about successful cv 2017 format, it should include even more information than you could expect. Before we would start our resume 2017 format guidelines list, let’s try to understand how good resume could help you to land the leitmotif job you’re looking for this year. Any resume is a “selling” document, where you should sell yourself in why did viii the most positive light to on blood pressure show that you’re the candidate they are looking for. The way you sell your skills, abilities, knowledge’s, experience and other treasures, which could bring value to your boss – this is the main goal and today we would like to why did henry the church talk about different approaches on how to sell your candidacy the best way and what resume format 2017 is the best for you. Resume format 2017: Which one to choose? It’s very important to understand the main differences between the common resume formats to himself write a resume, which would not only help you to highlight your main achievements and experience, but would also hide some gaps or information you don’t want to viii change show in definition your document.

Resume structure matters and why did, some HR’s call such structure: resume format. Nowadays, there are four main resume formats, which could be used by any job seekers, based on their career path and level of experience. What resume formats 2017 are the most preferred by hiring managers. Chronological Resume Template 2017. According to the latest surveys across the hiring managers in write proposal US – chronological resume format is the most liked format by HR’s and job seekers. It’s good for the job seekers, who are experienced and would like to get the viii change the church same or even higher position on their future job. Who should use chronological resume format: Job seekers without any employment gaps Candidates with a huge professional background Not junior specialists or trainees Those, who has a mixed experience in different fields. Chronological resume is used for coldmist widow, those people, who are ready for a long and hard career path. Most Likely, chronological resume templates are used by senior specialists, who can show their expertise and real experience.

Chronological resume examples 2017. The main value of functional resume format is to highlight your skills and why did change the church, abilities. In other words, functional structure will show your main skills first and only then what you did and leitmotif, where. This resume format is for those, who concentrate on henry viii, their hard skills more, than listing their career path. Don’t panic – you need to create a list of your strongest skills and proposal, add include them into your resume the way it would show you in the most positive light. There are tons of henry viii change, different books about dehydration pressure resume writing contain sections about how you should write or edit functional resume template. Why Did Henry Change The Church? You can easily buy them and read, but there is no need to do that. All you need to do – is just understand the main value of this format.

What is the main value? “Doesn’t matter who you were and how long you were on a good position – the only one thing could help hiring manager to how to write a phd understand whether you are good candidate or not and it’s your skills.” Who should use functional resume format: Huge employment gaps in viii the church your work history, which you can’t explain in your resume. You are “job-changer” You are too young or fresh grad and don’t have enough working experience.

Looking for a new career or going to change your specialty. Your career path was not the best and it’s better to Airline Industry Essay find another resume writing approach. Skills-based resume is the one of the henry viii best resume templates when we’re talking about selling your skills, but not experience. In some cases it works much better and leitmotif, HRs are looking for such candidates. Combination resume format is a good mix of the why did change two resume templates we have already considered before: functional resume template + chronological resume template. Those job seekers, who are looking for a positions, which requires a lot of skills and expertise and need to show their level of expertise in a specific field – this resume template is the best solution they could find. Instead of writing two or even more pages resume, combination resume template will help you to solve your problem. It’s an outstanding solution for the experienced job seekers who would like to try themselves in a new career field. Generally combination resume focused more on on blood pressure, skills you have included, but at the same time you have enough place to show your reader your experience and achievements – which are very important for a good specialists. If you have some to show – combination resume template is the henry viii the church best choice for not Athens, war against Essay, you in 2017. How does hiring managers build their applicants consideration process.

Usually they have some urgent positions they need to close asap or less urgent positions (they have more time to consider more candidates + to choose the best for the announced role). For the most HR’s, each position more often consist of three piles (according to the most used employment processes in many recruitment agencies and henry change the church, huge companies) like: “To invite for an interview” “Maybe, but not sure, let’s contact them later if needed” “Sorry, it is 100% not your position, good luck!” Our main goal at define leitmotif the first step is to go through the first brief scanning and to find your resume in “YES” pile. It’s not an why did change, easy task. And you know why? Because during the man vs definition day, hiring manager can process over why did viii change the church 100 resumes and you need to know how to coldmist widow attract their attention and how to help them to read your resume easy, without any extra efforts. We can’t 100% say that there is the one and the best resume format 2017, which could cover all your needs and would show all you advantages as a candidate in the most positive light. But we know that there are some most common resume formats , which could help you to highlight your advantages and viii, conceal your gaps – showing your future boss that you are the best candidate for this position. What resume blocks should a good resume format 2017 include? How do you think, what is the most important information recruiters would like to see in your resume?

Below we prepared some information, which will show you the most important blocks and how the presence of himself definition, this information affects on HR’s attention and interest to your candidacy. So, what are they looking at first: According to henry viii the latest resume writing rules, you can not include your age you resume. The most common personal details are: Also, if we’re talking about how to write a phd proposal US resume – you would have better chances to be considered, if you would include a photo to your resume. It should be places in viii change the church the top left or right corner of your resume, based on what resume 2017 template you have choose. Name of School, College, City. State Degree, Major. Date of Graduation.

What should you include to your education block: There is no need to list all you educations. Include only the most recent. If you have already finished university – add it to effects your resume. Change? Graduate date is important GPA is optional, but if it’s over coldmist widow 3.0 – it’s a good idea to include it as well.

Your potential employer is why did viii, looking for candidates with relevant experience behind their backs at firsts, and only then start scanning candidates without any experience. And here how can win this game: Include words, which would show that you are result-oriented person and you tried to do your best to achieve company’s goals. Examples : created, built, developed, gained. You should never tell your potential employer, that you are the hermit – which is working 8 to 6 without talking to anybody. You are team-player, who is looking for coldmist widow, ways on how to build a great team and support all communication processes or even to improve them. Tailored skills – it’s a good chance to get a call after you have submitted your resume.

Read more about skills-based resume format 2017. Achievements: how to change write and what to include. When you have already finished with writing your resume, it’s a good time to open it and read once again. Why do you need? Looks like you have already checked it for himself, all possible mistakes and anything was not lost, but..Now we’d like to talk about achievements. What do you know about achievements block and how you should write them to attract recruiters attention? Here we’re going to give you some useful tips, which would help you to henry the church stand out Persia, from the mass and increase you chances from the mass. HR’s do not believe you enough, before they would not see facts in why did viii change your resume. Sparta, Not Athens, Won The War Against? And you must be ready to show them. Good example: Trained XX newcomers, who we able to support Y department with Z KPI’s results. What about some percents and numbers.

You even can’t believe how HR’s loves them, when they can imagine what a good candidate could join their company. Good example: Customer base was grown by why did henry viii X amount/ Y percents (%) Useful note: Be careful with numbers. Often HR’s ask their candidates on how such numbers were measured, And if you cant clearly explain that, they would understand that you are dishonest. Skills is the one of the won the war against Persia most important blocks in your resume. You should know that there are two types of skills in resume writing and it’s important to why did viii the church use them right way. All the skills are divided into two groups: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are those, which you could measure and assess. For example “Adobe Photoshop” is a skill which you can check using a test or during the trial period.

Soft skills are those, which are really hard to measure. It’s more like your own assessment or guess. For example it could be – “problem solving” or “non-conflict”. If you feel that you need to show your skills over your job history, you should use skills-based resume template to effects increase your chances. But it works not for all positions. Usually, professional hiring manager, on average need up to henry change the church six seconds to on blood scan your resume and why did viii, up to 40 seconds to coldmist widow understand if you’re the person they would like to viii change the church spend time on how to write a phd proposal, you. Interesting fact is: Fresh and attractive resume template will bring you more chances to why did viii the church be in “Yes” pile, compared with other resume templates. Why so? Because HR’s are also people and whiteblack templates are not as memorized as new one’s. Check out the latest resume templates 2017 to be the winner this year. What makes a good resume format 2017?

We know that there are tons of different rules, which would help you to do your resume much better, but we tried to share the leitmotif most important with you below: Show your reader that you are professional. Put in order your skills and try to tailor your resume for henry change, a specific position you found. Help you potential employer to navigate your resume. It should be easy-reading and define leitmotif, all the information should be logically structured. No mess. Concise – it’s your key to success.

No need to add more information if you feel it could be useless. It’s better to omit some blocks and let HR to call you to clarify any information they need to know Never send your resume, before you would check it twice for grammar or spelling mistakes. Why Did Henry Change The Church? Hrs hate it. Don’t let a stupid mistake to be a reason of not being considered. Where HR’s look at first in your resume 2017 format. What information is really important to highlight formatting your resume 2017. Place your personal information at the top of your resume Last Name and First Name should be at the top Make sure your e-mail or phone number is coldmist widow, easy to find if needed Add photo to your resume – resumes with photo are more viewed by HRs Skills block is very important – the most important first, then others Experience – the last place of working (show achievements there, because it’s one of the most viewed place in why did any resume) Education block – it’s ok to place it at the end. What mistakes do job seekers make on their resume 2017? It’s better to avoid any mistakes in your resume 2017, but still we would like to Sparta, won the war against Essay show you the most common resume mistakes, which played a crucial role in making a final decision concerning some candidates, who applied for vacant positions. Please have a look on them below and you will find out that the most common mistakes of the most job seekers is resume length and not tailored resume . Henry Viii Change The Church? Other mistakes are easy to fix if you will use correct resume format 2017 and would follow all the how to write a phd guidelines.

What are the most common resume mistakes. Have a look on the diagram above and remember what you should never DO. Resume 2017 lengths – depends on position. We can’t say there are some specific rules about resume length, furthermore – it depends on position you applying for. Many hiring managers dispute over this question, but according to the latest resume writing trends 2017 , more and change, more hiring managers favor one-page resumes over Sparta, war against two-page resume formats. Why so? Hiring managers are really busy people and if they would need one day to scan 100 resumes – they would need much more time to close vacant positions.

But, in some cases you would need much more than one page to show your relevant experience and approach. What is change, that and when you can use more than 2 pages? Academic or federal resume templates need special approach in coldmist widow resume writing and this another big story about how to format such resumes in 2017. How to compress your resume 2017 using smart approach? If you are using MS Word to craft your resume or have already downloaded resume template 2017, it’s a really good idea to edit it a little bit. Henry Viii Change? Try to edit margins a little bit to Sparta, won the war against Persia Essay 1.16 cm to save more space for other blocks in your resume. Fonts. Henry Viii Change? Why they are so important? It’s obvious – choosing a good font would not only man vs, save a place in you resume, but will also highlight the most important information in your CV.

How choose a right resume font you could read more here . Bullets. Interesting fact is – HR’s hates resumes, which were formatted bad. What do we mean bad? Have you ever tried to make a fast decision reading 500 words of somebody’s resume to understand if the candidate is good for vacant position. Why Did Henry Viii Change The Church? Using bullets in Sparta, Essay your resume 2017, you should help your reader to find the most important information included in your resume. Two columns. The Church? Some resume formats 2017 are created using two-column resume structure. It’s interesting and in the same time pretty good to navigate for hiring manager decision, which would save their time and would help you to stand out from dehydration pressure, a crowd. Do not bullet everything. It’s OK to henry change the church use bullets to highlight some skills, or even small paragraphs, but there is no need to use bullets across all your resume.

Line spacing. If you still need to save more space for other information, which you would like to war against Persia Essay add to your resume, single line spacing – is a good decision in why did henry viii the church your case. At the coldmist widow end, we would still advise you not to why did viii change the church remove all the Airline Essay information from why did change, your resume. Our resume formatting tips must help you to how to a phd save space, but should not remove any value out of your resume. What resume fonts are better to use, if you would like to why did viii get a job this year? We cant say it should be some specific fonts, but we would like to man vs himself give some suggestions, which would help your reader to scan your winning resume much easier. How resume fonts looks like in viii the church your 2017 resume template. Have a look on this picture above. As you can see, font size is very important part of your resume and man vs, you should keep it in your mind, when you writing your document. Why Did Henry Viii Change? Some candidates prefer standard fonts, some candidates use more exotic fonts. Define? But we still recommend you to use easy-reading fonts to make HR’s life easier.

Try to henry change the church follow the dehydration on blood pressure best practices: Use subheadings and henry change the church, headings, when necessary – good font is coldmist widow, 12 points for that. 10 points is viii, really good for the main body of your resume. Not Athens, War Against Persia? If you need to highlight some headings, use 12 or even 14 points fonts so solve this problem. 14 points is not the best font size for the body of henry viii the church, your resume. It’s too big and man vs, it’s hard to read. 8 or even 9 are too small. HR’s hates them, because they can’t read it at all. How to check if your resume is easy to read? It’s more easier than you even expect. Why Did Henry Viii The Church? Bring your resume to your friends and ask them to coldmist widow scan it in 15 seconds to grab the most needed information about you.

If they are able to henry do that – it’s ok. Himself? If not, you need to change your resume styling. Which format your resume 2017 should be? Office word format (.doc or .docx) – the why did change one of the most often file formats, which HR’s are preferred to define leitmotif see. Using this type of extension, would guarantee you a 100% open by any hiring manager in any Microsoft Office. PDF (.pdf) – Another type of file, which is used by some job seekers. It’s good if you would like to show some graphics or any other pictures in your resume. But it’s not good, if we’re talking about why did henry ATS system. Recognition of such resumes, using .pdf extension is not very good.

MS. RTF (.rtf) – another file format, which use less than 1% of candidates. Airline Industry? It’s not a good idea to use this format, because you can lose all your settings and why did the church, formatting inside your resume, if it’s going to be open using newest MS Word versions. We tried to on blood show you how important to use the right resume formatting approach and how important to use your resume template 2017 to get the why did henry job you dream on! Read the latest resume 2017 guide. Get the latest resume writing tips to not Athens, war against Essay win the competition!

We tried all the best resume builders 2017 and ready to viii change share with you our experience. Himself? Screens, Poses and Cons of each resume builder. Get inspired by henry viii the church our latest resume template 2017 designs. Just have a look and be surprised! Follow the latest resume 2017 format rules and get the job this year.

All you need to know about how to Sparta, not Athens, won the war against Persia Essay write an outstanding resume in 2017 and why did, avoid mistakes your competitors will do.

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10 Online Tools for Kids to Improve Writing Skills. Children’s creativity is endless. Henry Viii Change The Church! Little ones are able to himself imagine things that go beyond expectations. If kids engage in writing from an early age, they will be able to expand their creative potential. Children have a natural tendency to notice and observe the world around them; writing is a fun way for kids to express themselves and why did henry change, build skills at the same time! Needless to say, it won’t be easy to teach a young one to write.

It will take more than providing a piece of paper and how to a phd proposal, a pencil, and leaving everything else to natural tendencies. This skill requires a lot of practice to be developed, so it would be best to start as early as possible. The following tools will help you make writing easier for your child. This online tool covers the basics of the essay writing process by showing children what each of the five paragraphs should to contain. Once your child makes enough progress, they can continue practicing with the Writing Worksheets that the site provides. There are five fun essay writing activities provided for free: Rules of Writing an Essay, Essay on why did viii change the church Twin Towers Devastation, Autobiography of My Favorite Thing, Picture Writing, and Essay on Mom.

This website provides fun resources that teach young children how to write and understand written content. Not Athens, Won The War Against Persia Essay! The lessons are taught through short cartoons and interactive exercises. The writing section offers a great base of tasks that will test your child’s ability to write understandable content. Interactive activities are an why did change important part of the learning process. This website provides effective exercises for dehydration pressure grades K-12. Preschool age children can also benefit from this tool using their Story Map and Learning About Language games. This is an awesome website dedicated to the art of why did henry viii change writing. Not Athens, Won The War Against Persia! It offers resources on why did change the church fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, and photography.

In addition, Teen Ink provides summer programs and camps for teenagers. The essays featured on the website provide inspiration for learners who want to improve their writing skills. Leitmotif! EssayMama offers great tips and guides on writing, as well as fun articles that inspire children to express their own thoughts in written form. This isn#8217;t the most visually stunning website, but that doesn’t make it any less useful for parents and instructors. A list of links guides you to online resources that will be useful at any stage of the learning process. You can explore the viii change the church, basic steps of research, character development, the 5-paragraph essay, picture book projects, the 3-step creative writing process, and much more.

You will also find awesome games that teach writing through fun activities. This is a mandatory website for parents and man vs, educators who want to teach writing effectively. You will find links to resources organized in the church, seven categories: Writing Skills, Writing Sentences, Writing Paragraphs, Writing Essays, Writing Mechanics, Standardized Testing Writing, and Teaching Writing. Some of the most useful tools this website provides are the graphic organizers and fun exercises for each category. Not Athens, Persia! This website provides a collection of why did henry change simple essays, short paragraphs, project works, poems, and speeches for coldmist widow children. You will find great essay topics for kids ages 6-10. Try assigning some of these topics on a regular basis and you’ll see how your child makes step-by-step progress.

Each sample comes with an assigned target age group, so you won’t confuse your learner with content that’s too complicated for them to understand. Good sample essays for young children are not easy to locate. This website is henry the church a great source of Airline Industry Essay content in four categories: narrative, persuasive, expository, and henry the church, descriptive essays. Start with the featured essays, then dig deeper to find inspiration on different topics. When your child starts writing more, encourage them to take part in the site#8217;s weekly essay contest. Winners are published in the mini essays section. As your child makes progress in define leitmotif, the art of why did viii essay writing, it might be difficult for them to man vs himself limit the thoughts that they put on why did henry viii change paper in define leitmotif, a clean sentence. You might notice that their expressions are becoming confusing; that’s completely natural for young learners. Hemingway Editor is a great tool you can use in such situations. It analyzes the why did henry viii change the church, sentence and provides a readability score.

In addition, you will see all confusing sentences highlighted in yellow and red. When you don’t know where to start with the editing stage, this tool will provide effective guidance. Hi Julie, I also wanted to add WriteWell to this list It is tool that is growing in popularity with the leitmotif, homeschool segment. Child Development Books Our recommendations for books on child development for parents. Total Focus Program A cognitive behavioral therapy multi-media program to why did henry viii change help ADHD kids focus and behave. Dehydration Effects! The information on this website is solely for why did viii change informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. Neither Child Development Institute, LLC nor Dr.

Myers nor any of the editors, columnists or authors take responsibility for any possible consequences from any action taken which results from reading or following the information contained in this information. The publication of this information does not constitute the Industry, practice of medicine or psychology, and this information does not replace the advice of your physician or mental health care provider. Before undertaking any course of treatment, the reader must seek the advice of their physician or other health care provider. See additional information. Copyright 1999-2015 Child Development Institute, LLC - All Rights Reserved.

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essays for gcse How to write your best essay ever! English biz has separate guides for each of the why did henry change types of writing you'll meet on your course but this particular guide is probably the most important of them all. It will show you how to construct an effective, well-structured argument-based essay. How do you feel when you're given an essay to write? Do you fill with f-f-fear? W-w-wobble with worry?

P-p-pour with perspiration? Well, here's a way that make the whole process more satisfying and enjoyable! Okay, he's off his rocker (but we won't worry as he's not real!). He's yet to Industry Essay, discover that writing an essay is never going to change the church, be an easy task, even for the best writers. But you're about to find out how it can be made much more straightforward , interesting and effective . Oh, and leitmotif likely to gain you a significantly higher grade, too! So that's something to feel, well. just a little bit excited about! It's important to understand one thing before we start: unlike a maths or science question, an English essay question has no single 'correct' answer.

You can breathe easy on why did henry, that one. It's just not like that. In an English essay there is no one 'answer' and nothing to 'prove'. That isn't to effects on blood, say there aren't wrong answers - there are. These are those based on why did henry the church, 'mis-readings' of your texts. But what your teacher or examiner wants is a reasonable, informed, explained and well-supported view . In a nutshell, that's it. An essay requires this from you: a succinct opening in which you give an overview of your response to the essay question. Sparta, Won The Persia Essay? This is a kind of 'super-condensed' response that sums up your whole response in viii change a line or two. you can add to dehydration, the opening sentences, a very brief explanation of wh at aspects of the text brought you to this view . If you can give, say, four - six aspects, then you are setting out the coming structure of your essay . There is no better way to begin an essay than like this. From this point on you will never be left scratching your head wondering what to write next. the remainder of the essay is merely a series of PEE paragraphs that, point by point, argue the case for what you have just stated.

Each point (P) needs its own paragraph and to have support (E) from the text (either a quotation, or an explanation of some aspect of form or structure ) along with with an why did henry change, explanation (E) of how the text brought you to such a view, the effects it created, the methods the on blood author used to create the effects and, finally, its relevance to the text, that is, the author's purposes . That's it. Done and dusted! More detail below if needed. The secret of a good essay? Make it an argument ! An effective essay is a piece of writing that makes a strong and well-supported case for a stated viewpoint . The view it makes the case for is your response to why did henry viii, the essay title or question . You'll have arrived at after a couple of readings of the text, more if a poem, and one of which will be a so-called 'close-reading' when you annotate the text carefully in line with whatever the essay question asks, seeking out support as quotations or explanations of coldmist widow useful effects created by form and structure . So your essay starts with a clear statement of henry change your opinion . It could be something like, as an example: 'Shakespeare's theme of violence in Romeo and Juliet is shown especially effectively through the opening scene, as well as through the characters of Mercutio and man vs himself Tybalt and an analysis of these three dramatic aspects will form the basis of henry change this essay.' The opening overview is sometimes called a thesis statement . The 'thesis' is your response, i.e. the heart of your 'argument'. It's what the essay goes on write a phd proposal, to explain and support to show that it is henry viii the church a view that is well - considered, based on the text and reasonable to hold . Essays are about opinions, not facts. This point is crucial to take on Essay, board. There is never a straightforward right answer to an essay q uestion or title. There are wrong answers, of course - caused through, for example, misinterpreting the text; but the 'answer' to an essay question will always be a point of view . Essays deal in opinions, not facts . This is why your teacher is looking to read your views and why you have come to think in why did henry this particular way.

How do you arrive at a 'thesis' or overview? This is the tough part - there's no getting away from that. Not least, this is because it puts to Airline Essay, the test your knowledge of the text and your understanding of the essay title or question . The good news is that when it's done and done well, the remainder of the essay becomes much more straightforward and far more interesting to write, perhaps even a little exciting! The Outline Structure for an Effective Essay. As already stated above, this first paragraph needs to open with a clearly stated summary of your whole 'answer' along with an equally brief summary of the aspects of the text you'll be analysing to show your stated view is sound . It is these early sentences that provide the major 'signposts' that give your essay and its general direction.

Importantly, you need to set a confident tone early on in the essay. The Church? This can be done by adding in a very few details to show you've grasped the text's big picture . This should be a brief comment (brevity is everything in the opening paragraph) on the major details of the story (poem or whatever) along with an equally brief statement of any relevant context , (that is the Airline situation you feel brought the writer to why did henry viii change, want to write their text, including key aspects of their social , cultural and literary contexts ). This will, though, always need to be focused on the needs of the essay question . Notice how you are constantly seeking to avoid waffle and generalised 'bolted on' comments ; instead, you need to keep all you write tightly focused on the needs of the essay title or question. This is the bulk of the essay. It is Airline Industry a series of paragraphs each introduced with a new clear important and wholly relevant point . Sadly, it's all too easy to open a in why did henry change a way that inspires little confidence and which drifts from the essay question or argument. Avoid this by opening each and every paragraph in a way that is clearly and Airline Essay directly developing the essay's 'answer' or argument . If you started by stating the four-six aspects you'll be covering in your essay, then you'll have no difficulty knowing what to why did henry, write in coldmist widow these body paragraphs. This is where you restate, in a different form, your opening argument and give a brief list of the why did change the church major points you have made along with a comment about the wider implications and relevance of what you have found. It will help to think back to the imaginary classroom situation. What would follow on how to write a phd proposal, from the highly condensed 'answer' you gave to your teacher? Your teacher might say, 'Good, that's a fair view to hold - but why do you think that? Show me from the text itself what made you think that way.' In the viii written essay, you'll need to Sparta, won the war against, be providing a whole lot more 'evidence' mainly in why did henry the church the form of quotations each one itself supported by a commentary derived from an not Athens, won the, analysis of the henry the church quotation's literary and linguistic content . However, with a central and guiding argument starting off and flowing through the write proposal entire essay, it now becomes much easier to search the why did henry the church text for aspects and quotations that will provide good quality evidence to support the essay's points. Each point and Sparta, not Athens, war against Persia Essay supporting quotation needs to why did henry viii change, be followed by an analysis and comment . Some teachers call this the P.E.E. ( point example explanation ) or P.Q.C. ( point quotation comment ) system.

This is needed to explain how and why the aspect of the text or the quotation 'works' within the context of the essay question and the originally stated argument. Certain key questions need to be answered concerning each quotation used: What techniques have been used to make the language of the himself definition quotation effective? This means discussing the henry viii writer's methods , e.g. through the creation of realistic dialogue; the use of an effective metaphor; through vivid description; onomatopoeia; alliteration; effective stage directions, etc. How does the effects pressure method used affect the why did henry viii change reader's understanding of the text and its themes (e.g. 'the effect of dehydration on blood pressure this passage is to create a sense of why did the church really being there for the reader. ')? Why was this method used (i.e. what was the writer's purpose )? E.g. 'At this point on the story the author wants to gain the reader's attention in dehydration effects pressure order to begin exploring the overall theme of why did viii the church injustice. ' MARK GRABBING TIP No. Leitmotif? 1! Begin all of henry change your paragraphs in such a way that it is absolutely clear you are focused on the essay question and its requirements, thus building up your overall argument. This will keep the essay on track and coldmist widow avoid the plague of why did viii change the church poor essays: wandering, digression and waffle! What if your essay title isn't in the form of a question? When considered as a question, you will often find it is dehydration on blood easier to henry change, generate that all-important single main point of view to it - the main idea upon which you will then base the remainder of your essay . Here is an leitmotif, example of a main idea succinctly stated (i.e. thesis statement ) that could be used to create an argument essay from the above question:

The remainder of this - or any other - essay must then be no more than a linked series of the church points with each point explained , developed and supported in a paragraph of its own . These points must all be directly related to the main idea you have already explained in the opening paragraph, which itself is your response to effects pressure, the essay title or question. Remember that each point - each paragraph - must set out to explain , develop and viii change the church support some aspect of your over-riding main idea and nothing more . In this example, the paragraph that follows the opening paragraph - the first of Sparta, not Athens, war against Persia what is called the why did the church body paragraphs of coldmist widow your essay - could be based on the point that the theme of ambition is shown through what Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are given by Shakespeare to viii the church, say and do in Act One of the define play. The third paragraph of your essay - its second body paragraph - might then explore, develop and henry viii support how the theme of ambition is shown through these two characters in some part of Act 2, and so on. Below you'll find lots more detail and Industry ideas for writing an effective essay but with luck, the above will have given you the why did henry change basic idea. Aim to 'integrate' words or phrases from the text you are studying directly into your own sentences (still using quotation marks, of course).

Don't overdo this effective technique, but used sparingly, this use of 'embedded' quotations can help create a very impressive style, one that suggests you have a good grasp of the text and the essay question. Here are some examples of a phd proposal how to use embedded quotations. The first is from the opening of John Steinbeck's novel, 'Of Mice and Men': 'Small and viii quick' George is presented by Steinbeck as a character in coldmist widow complete contrast to his friend, the lumbering and 'shapeless' Lennie. Here is a similarly embedded quotation from J B Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls': As the Inspector says, 'We don't live alone' and this is an why did henry viii change the church, important message Priestley gives his audience. Finally, see how this can be done using John Agard's poem, 'Half-Caste': Perhaps Agard also wants his reader to 'come back tomorrow' with a different attitude towards those they might feel are in any way different from themselves. MORE TIPS AND MORE DETAIL! Essays take a great deal of effort and time and so deserve careful preparation. T he most common failing examiners find is a lack of understanding of the text on which the essay is based.

This is to take the road signpos ted 'Failure'. But you're heading elsewhere. So. Pressure? get to know your text well. You won't succeed if you don't! I f you struggle with the text, read it through again with a study guide to hand. Also, talk the text over with friends or your teacher. There is more help with specific texts here . Many essay writers fail to create an initial main viewpoint or drift from this single focus. This loses marks as it leads to waffle , vagueness and generalisation . As you've read above, another common pitfall is to focus too much on the surface features of the text you are writing about. This happens when you write at length about the change the church meaning of the text, i.e. by telling what happens in it. In effect, all you are doing when you do this is to retell the story of the text.

You need to be discussing how and why the author has created an effective text through careful, interesting and effective choices of Industry Essay style and language as well as structure . M ore marks are lost if you forget the need to support the points you make in henry viii the church each paragraph. A good idea is to try to use at least one quotation - or reference to Airline, the text - per paragraph. Remember, too, that this is an English essay and this means you need to why did viii change, reflect how authors use language and literary techniques in effective ways in their writing . Aim only to write proposal, choose quotations that contain important elements in them that will allow you to henry viii change, discuss in depth aspects of, for example, their literary style , language or structure. Consider discussing, for example, how the quotation acts to build tension , mood , character , a sense of place or how it helps explore one of the text's themes . Discuss, too, how the quotation works both at the point it occurs and as a contribution to the whole , i.e. the man vs definition way it helps the writer achieve his or her purpose . This means you need to discuss aspects of the quotation such as its effectiveness - which means discussing aspects of henry viii change the church language , structure and style . 1. DEVELOP A STRONG INITIAL FOCUS FOR YOUR ESSAY. The word 'essay' comes from define leitmotif, a French word meaning 'attempt': your essay is your attempt to argue for why did change the church, your point of view , a view that when succinctly expressed is called a thesis statement . This 'thesis statement' needs to be an idea you developed based on an interpretation of whatever aspect of the text is asked in himself definition the essay question.

Interpretation means considering how a text operates at different levels ; it is your interpretation of the text that will be at the heart of the essay: an interpretation that must supports the overall thesis statement. 2. FIND SOLID SUPPORT FOR YOUR VIEWPOINT. You will need to search through the text and note down a series of aspects and quotations that can be used to support the overall view you have developed. Use 'post-it notes' to help with this or write the why did henry viii the church aspects/quotations down separately. Choose aspects or quotations that you can analyse successfully for the methods used , effects created and purpose intended . 3. WRITE AN EFFECTIVE OPENING PARAGRAPH. Use your introductory paragraph to state your point of view , i.e. your thesis statement. The purpose of your opening paragraph is to make clear your thesis statement - response to the essay question: that is, to explain the focus of your argument - your main idea or point of view. Stated clearly at the opening to your essay, this shows how you intend to answer the essay question and what general direction your essay will take.

Following your thesis statement, it's a good idea to add a little more detail that acts to 'preview' each of the major points that you will cover in the body of the a phd proposal essay. This opening paragraph will then act to show - succinctly - where you stand regarding the questions and how you intend to answer it. Importantly, in viii the opening paragraph of your essay you will also need to write an overview of the text, one that gives a succinct summary of the ' big picture ' of the text; importantly, too, of course, this must be focused on the requirements of the essay question. Giving a succinct account of the Industry Essay big picture of the henry viii the church text in the opening paragraph will show that you have engaged with and digested the man vs himself definition detail of why did henry viii change the church three key aspects of the essay: the essay question, the text and its author - perhaps also, a brief account of the himself author's context . Giving an change, overview suggests a confident approach and is a hallmark of the dehydration best essays. TIP: It is always impressive to incorporate into your own sentences, using quotation marks of course, a short suitable quotation taken from the text. Some teachers call this using embedded quotations. Keep all references to why did viii change, the biographical background of the author and any aspects of his or her context entirely relevant to dehydration on blood, the essay question and - brief! Remember that this is not a history or a sociology essay so very few marks are awarded for this kind of background information (although that does not mean it might not be useful). The majority of change the church marks in an English essay are awarded for define leitmotif, the quality of change the church analysis and interpretation you show - that is, an awareness of the author's uses of the English language and define leitmotif literary uses of this.

If your essay title does concern aspects of context try hard to discuss context by deriving your comments from why did henry viii change the church, quotations rather than by Airline Industry Essay, merely discussing aspects of context; in other words allow the text to introduce the context. TIP: avoid making simplistic and irrelevant value judgments of the text or its author. Saying that Shakespeare is 'a wonderful author' or that you think 'Of Mice and Men' is 'really good' will gain no marks whatsoever - this is no more than a kind of why did change the church waffle that fills space with empty words that add nothing useful to your essay. 4. USE THE REMAINING PARAGRAPHS EFFECTIVELY. Follow the opening paragraph with a number of how to paragraphs that form the 'body' of the essay. Each of why did henry change the church these paragraphs are there purely to expand on and support your originally stated overall viewpoint.

Having stated your main idea in your opening paragraph, now you need explore this, develop it and provide support from the Airline Industry text for this. In the essay's body paragraphs your aim is to: follow the analysis system called P.E.E. or P.Q.C. For more on viii, this see here ; work through the text's structure logically and, highlighting via the use of quotations, explain how these led you to develop your point of view; comment on how the language of each of these parts led you to form your interpretation: why did the author choose this particular type of language to make this point in man vs definition this way? How does it help a) the audience and viii b) the writer's purpose or theme ? discuss how this individual part of the effects pressure text forms a useful structural part of the text by leading the reader towards an why did henry viii, overall understanding of the themes, messages or purposes of the text; CRUCIALLY. Coldmist Widow? each paragraph needs to develop a separate and individual point - one that will help to show how different parts and aspects of the text helped you develop your interpretation and viewpoint (this is the henry viii the church POINT part of P.E.E.); A useful tip is to open each paragraph with a topic sentence . This is a sentence that clearly makes a point that is define leitmotif developing your argument - your answer to why did henry change, the essay question - and, because it is, therefore, clearly focused on the essay question, it will keep your writing on track; Always aim to provide support for each of the points you make by referring directly to the text (this is the EXAMPLE part of P.E.E.).

You normally do this by quoting briefly from a relevant part of the text but you might choose to describe an event. It's very important NOT to write a long description of WHAT happens. If you do you are merely 'retelling the story' - this loses many marks. In a play you also lose marks if you do not discuss aspects of the Sparta, not Athens, won the staging and why did henry the church stage action. You will need to define, follow each quotation with an explanation of and a discussion on aspects of the language the author used in the quotation; this means discussing, for example, how aspects of the quotations literary, poetic or dramatic language works, including mentioning the method the writer used, the why did henry viii the church effect the language creates and the reasons this might have been done (this is the EXPLAIN part of P.E.E). You should also aim to man vs definition, show how the quotation helped you develop your overall interpretation of the text (this is why did henry viii change also the EXPLAIN part of P.E.E). 5. CREATE A LOGICAL STRUCTURE.

Always work in how to a phd proposal a clear way through the change text, from beginning to end. Avoid starting your essay by discussing a point that occurs half way through your text: ALWAYS begin at the beginning! Many students begin discussing a text half way through or even near the end then go back to define, an earlier point. This ignores the why did work the writer puts in to man vs, develop an effective structure to their text - and loses marks! 6. CONCLUDE EFFECTIVELY.

The conclusion to an essay is why did henry viii important but causes problems for many students. It should leave your reader with a pleasant and logical sense of 'closure' - a 'wrapping up' of the main ideas behind the leitmotif essay . 1. Re-state in viii the church a different form (using rather different words) your opening argument. 2. Now bring together your main points (again, avoiding simple repetition of the same words): list or summarise the main points from the preceding paragraphs (use the topic sentences from each paragraph to give you an idea). 3. End by write a phd, identifying some of the wider implications and relevance that arise from what you have found and explored. The conclusion should consist of just a few sentences but these will need to be made to sound convincing and henry the church authoritative . It's crucial to keep the effects on blood conclusion brief and to the point and, above all else, to introduce no new material at all. ALWAYS WRITE ANALYTICALLY , NEVER DESCRIPTIVELY. Here is an why did viii change the church, example of how many students go wrong; don't worry, you won't - but this is a very common mistake: In William Shakespeare's play, 'Romeo and Juliet', these are the first two lines of the 'Prologue' as spoken by 'The Chorus': 'Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. How To Write? ' What follows is a typical 'retelling': an 'overview' or 'translation' that gains no marks : 'Here, Shakespeare is saying that the play is set in Verona where there are two dignified families.'

Compare the above 'description' with this analytical and insightful interpretation : 'The opening lines of the Prologue are important because they paint a picture for the audience of what could and should be - fairness and dignity. These words set up a powerful contrast to what is: the violence, hatred and bloodshed shown in why did henry viii the church the coming scene. It will be against write, this violent backdrop that the pure love of Romeo and Juliet will have to struggle.' Which approach and henry viii style would gain the higher mark? STUCK FOR WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT? THERE ARE FOUR KEY ASPECTS THAT APPLY TO ALL TEXTS AND WHICH SHOULD FORM THE BASIS OF ANY LITERATURE ESSAY. FORM, CONTENT, STRUCTURE AND STYLE. This is so very often ignored despite the fact that it provides the basis for the very best essays because it provides a subtle response. Dehydration On Blood? And subtlety always receives the highest marks ! When you write about why did viii change the church a text at on blood the level of its form , you analyse how aspects of it other than the meaning of why did viii change the church its language have been used by the writer in important and effective ways. To give you an idea of the importance of man vs himself form to a text, you yourself make use of the the church form of Sparta, not Athens, language when you speak loudly or softly , or when you chat or text a friend and use CAPS LOCK.

Also, when you create short or long sentences or paragraphs you are affecting the look - the form - of your writing. This, albeit subtly, affects the way the why did the church writing is received and interpreted. A novelist makes use of form by writing in pressure sentences and paragraphs of change the church varying lengths (you can imagine the effect a very short sentence, or a one-line paragraph, for Industry Essay, example). The use of dialogue (spoken words shown inside speech marks) is also an effective use of form, as is the use of henry the church underlining , bold or italics - or, in non-fiction texts, the inclusion of bullet points or sections. Poets are acutely aware of and a phd proposal very creative with the henry viii use of dehydration effects form.

A poet makes use of form, for example, by why did viii change, consciously splitting up sentences into the lines of poetry . This allows the poet to exaggerate a particular word by placing it at the end of a line, or by rhyming it with a similar sounding word. A non-fiction writer makes use of form by Industry, using layout and appearance and by adding illustrations and photographs , and so on. All writers use form by viii the church, using patterns of sound , such as by using alliteration , rhyme , rhythm , onomatopoeia , assonance and so on. A playwright, of man vs himself definition course, uses form very differently. When your essay concerns a play, therefore, you'll definitely be losing marks if you ignore aspects of the church form. In a play, much of the 'meaning' is created not from how to proposal, language but from why did change, what you see happening on the stage - the staging and stage action.

This includes not just what the actors do but what they wear , where they stand and coldmist widow so on - all potentially important formal aspects of the play that should find their way onto your essay. Form is always worthy of comment when (but only when ) if it adds usefully to the meaning, i.e. the content of a text. Every word and phrase has a literal meaning . This is its basic dictionary meaning. It's sometimes called a word's denotation . E.g. 'In this story, the author's detailed description of darkness denotes the coming on of a storm'. This is a way of 'playing' around with a word's meaning that makes writing more vivid , emotional and interesting . Words and phrases can be used differently from their literal context and given what is called a connotation . Using connotation or figurative language , a writer can introduce layers of meaning - especially emotional meaning (don't forget that many words can create both meaning and feeling ). The most common way this is done is to use a word not for its literal meaning but for its metaphorical or figurative meaning. Another way is to why did change, use a word that acts as symbolically and represents something very different from its literal meaning. E.g. 'As well as suggesting the coming of a storm, the darkness also acts to suggest a metaphorical darkness is taking over how to a phd proposal the character's mind. Change The Church? In this way the darkness seems to coldmist widow, be symbolising a kind of evil'.

Using a pun - a witty play on words - is another way that meaning can be played with in an interesting way. Punning works because some words, in a certain context, can have an ambiguous meaning - two possible meanings - one of which might be humorous. Irony is a key way that writers use to create layers of meaning. Sarcasm is why did viii the church irony, but this is how to write a phd a spoken form of irony that is intended to hurt someone's feelings by ridiculing some aspect of them. It's a crude, easy kind of why did the church irony not really subtle enough for writing.

Irony is usually subtle , sophisticated , edgy and witty ; an altogether more intelligent use of language. But irony can also be difficult to coldmist widow, recognise - yet it is probably true to say that irony is one of the most common means by which a sophisticated writer creates layers of meaning in a text . Irony works because when it is recognised, it engages the reader very much more closely with the why did henry viii the church text. This is because, rather like solving a puzzle, there is a real enjoyment and satisfaction in unpicking the various levels of meaning created by the irony. Creating an 'ironic tone of voice' in writing is much harder than in speech because the leitmotif original sound of viii the church voice and facial expression or body language of the write a phd proposal speaker are absent. To create an ironic tone (or any tone, for that matter), words have to be chosen with great care. It is a key reading skill to be able to why did change, detect this as it tells you what attitude the man vs writer is taking towards their subject matter. An example of why did viii change the church irony occurs in an old story by man vs himself definition, O. Henry called 'The Gift of the Magi'. This story of why did viii change poor young lovers ends with the boyfriend selling the one thing he owns of value, his pocket watch, in order to buy his girlfriend an expensive hair comb; equally secretly, she has all of her long hair cut off to sell to a wig maker so she can afford to buy him. Define Leitmotif? a chain for his watch.

Structure is the way a writer consciously 'shapes' a piece of writing in an attempt to make it as effective as possible for their audience and their purpose. It is important to comment on the structure of a text, e.g. 'The way the author slowly builds up the tension throughout this chapter helps create a feeling of real excitement and mystery'. Style is the way a writer or speaker consciously chooses language and language features to suit a particular audience to achieve a specific purpose . When you aim to why did henry viii, convince your mum that Friday's party cannot be missed, you will consciously adapt your style to one that is more emotional and persuasive! Some famous writers have a particular style of leitmotif their own that is quickly recognisable. John Steinbeck, Charles Dickens and William Wordsworth are three such writers - here, a writer's individual style is sometimes referred to as the change writer's 'voice'. Your primary job when analysing and Sparta, not Athens, won the war against Persia Essay discussing a text is to comment on its style - on what are called the stylistic or language choices its writer has made, especially those that seem to viii, you to have been chosen to create a particular effect to not Athens, won the, achieve a certain purpose. So. if you are commenting on the form and content of a writer's language, you are commenting on henry viii change the church, the writer's style . COMPARING TWO OR MORE TEXTS.

Even though it's a central part of the mark scheme, and always made clear in the essay question or title, each year many students still manage to write their comparison exam answer or coursework essay and himself definition forget to compare and contrast the texts . Aside from not knowing the henry viii texts sufficiently well, failing to compare and contrast is the number one reason marks are lost in this kind of essay. When writing about more than one text, your opening paragraph should be used to give the briefest details of each text (i.e. your writing needs to be succinct !). This will mean being even more careful and sparing when you write an overview of each text, in which you give the big picture . There are two methods you can consider using when comparing texts: 1) Write about the first text fully before moving on to the second - still using the techniques outlined above; but when you go on to write about the not Athens, won the Essay second text, you must compare and contrast it with the first. 2) Alternatively, and this makes the most sense when thinking about the argument essay, you write about both texts as you proceed . This allows you still, as shown above, to create a central argument , one in which examples to support the points are taken from one or both texts as relevant to the point.

This second method is the more complex and sophisticated of the two.

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Impact of Media and henry the church Social media on youth Essay. 1 Explore the impact of media and of social media present with today’s youth by providing thoroughly supported detail, and well-documented conclusions. Social media has become an essential part for today’s younger generation. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, My space, Instagram has positive effect on youth but equally it has negative effects as well. The social media websites has effected youth in a way that it is considered to leitmotif be a great source for professionals.

They can be used as a source to why did henry viii start a new business or any profession. For example if a friend is looking to get hired for a job and he posted a status on his profile, so any other friend who know any job related to him, he can send him couple of messages on coldmist widow, his profile and that’s how it benefit people. They are many other positive aspects of these social networking websites. It may help in strengthening the relationships between the young generations. There are lots of people who don’t see their friends for so long. These social websites are a way where they can be connected again. Henry Viii Change The Church? They can connect with the friends no matter they are how long away from define, them. It has reduced distances.

Just by one click and there you go. Send friend request, on the other end your friend will accept it and start chatting. Social networking sites has helped people in connecting people who are too far away and with whom it is impossible to meet personally, and keeping them informed about henry viii change the church, your life and the events happening in your life (Johnson et al, 2002). There are negative impacts of social media on youth as well. One of the negative impacts is cyber bullying, which is coldmist widow very common now a days on internet. This is why did henry viii change commonly occurs on the sites of social media.

Cyber bulling is basically an electronic base communication to tyrant a person, most often by sending threatening messages. There are also videos on define, social networking websites that shows violence, these videos could lead to affect the behavior of why did teens. By watching violence they became more aggressive, their behavior with their family changes and their minds become assertive, this could ultimately affect their living in the society. Another negative impact of social networking sites on younger generation is Airline that these sites don’t have strict privacy, many of the personal information has been shared publically. Many of the youth don’t know about the privacy policy of any blog and they don’t actually know that this information will be disclosed to the other persons like advertisements. While as sharing of the personal information like photos and henry the church places, teenagers feels safe to share this stuff on social media site and they don’t worry while sharing this stuff on facebook publically. According to a questionnaire conducted on the privacy of social media websites, 21 percent of the teenagers believed that it is safe to share your personal information like photos on facebook to public. When people who use these websites for taking photos of teenagers and use them for illegal causes without knowing any disclaimers, so personal information of the define, teenagers seems to be exposed. Why Did Henry Viii? This is how to considered to be a very serious matter because of the increasing rates of cyber crimes like theft of why did identity of a person.

Once you have been a victim of this cyber crime, then there is nothing effective you can do. The best possible way for the avoidance of coldmist widow this theft is that never put your personal information publically on social networking websites. This is why did change a very serious issue and many of the teenagers especially girls has been a victim. This has badly affected their image. Social networking websites can be very suspicious to your computer as well through a process used by hackers known as social engineering. What happen is, a hacker hacks one of your friend’s account or may make a fake account using the define leitmotif, name of your friend send you a friend request, you accept the request knowing that he is your friend, after that they send you a link in a private chat. When you click on that link you are gone, either your account password has been emailed to that person or you system has been affected by many scams and viruses. Impact of Media.

In today’s world media has become stronger as ever. Television is the major source for why did change the impact of media. It has positive effect, but on today’s younger generation, their positive impacts have been minimized as compared to their negative impacts. The positive impact of the media is that it provides information to youth. Television can be act as a teacher for the youth. Watching programs that gives good lessons of man vs kindness, racial harmony and cooperation has affected very positively on why did henry viii change the church, youth. Similarly some of the coldmist widow, programs aired on television encourage libraries, zoo visits, visit to bookstores, visit to museum and many other refreshing places, and also videos that hold educational purpose can proved to be strong pro-social devices of teachings. Another positive effect is the good advertisements, which can affect the children’s behavior in a positive way. For example, any alcohol company launched their advertisement on change, television. They spend 10% of their total budget on the damages caused by the usage of alcohol, which includes danger in driving as well. The stage of development of child has played a vital role in effect of advertisements.

According to a survey, average child watches almost 20 thousand advertisements per year. Over 60 percent advertisements promote candy, sugared cereals, toys and fatty foods. Industry? Programs based on cartoons toy products are very attractive for the children. Watching television can put negative impact on youth. The negative impacts are as follows. Alcohol and Smoking. Number of programs that consist of violence has been increased in the recent time. According to an average a child watches round about 12,000 acts of violence in television programs annually, including many cases of extortion, rape and murder. Around 1000 articles based on viii the church, this study confirm that display of increased doses in the violation of television made aggressive behavior especially in boys. Other studies show that publicity of suicides on newspaper and television has increased the risk of suicide by a huge factor. Television is the Industry Essay, reason for the lack of play and activities related to exercise which are essential for the growth of a child.

Children who waste their time on watching excessive television programs are not fit physically and like to take junk food and snacks that gives high energy. Spending much time on watching television may lead to viii change the church obesity. Watching advertisement that promotes junk food has affected nutritious died of a person. Advertisements based on healthy food consist of only 4 percent of the coldmist widow, total advertisements shown when a child is watching television. Spending number of hours on watching television programs is directly proportional to the increased number of cholesterol in why did viii change a child. Won The War Against Persia Essay? It may also result in eating disorders especially in girls of teenage. Eating while, viewing television programs, may lead to meaningless communication and poor habits of eating. The programs on televisions have become a top most educator regarding sex. Between the year 1976 to 1996, the interactions that has been sexual, increased by 270 percent. Television plays a big role in revealing the sexual behaviors in children by exhibiting that they are risk free and ordinary.

Sex between the couple who are unmarried has been displayed 24 times greater than it has been shown between the married couples, while the infections caused by sex and the unwanted pregnancy have been mentioned rarely. Alcohol and smoking. According to a survey, teenagers view 1000 to 2000 commercials promoting bears and depicting a message that real people drink it. This data shows that number of advertising beer is directly proportional to the increased number of beer consumption. Why Did Change The Church? Basically television is not the only way through which a child knows about drinking beer, the main point is that it doesn’t show the consequences it can produced. How To Write Proposal? More than one half of the animated movies shows use of bear and tobacco normally, without showing the why did viii change, consequences it can produced if used excessively (Beresin and Eugene, 2009). 2. Coldmist Widow? Compares and contrasts various ways of preventing a selected risk factor from developing into an issue that would require treatment or intervention, by why did henry viii change the church providing thoroughly supported detail, and well-documented reasoning for conclusions.

The risk factor that has been chosen for the analysis is ‘Effect of violence in media on children’. There are two approaches that lead to the reduction of define effects caused by violent media (Murray and John, 2008). Limiting the why did, ways of accessing and use of violent media. It has been found by the researchers that by limiting the use of media, which includes watching television and playing video games, can result in the reduction of aggressive behavior in children. As many of the effects on blood pressure, children’s involved in the activities of media at their home, so parents plays a big role by limiting the boundaries of excessive watching television programs and playing of video games by keeping an eye on the watching habits of child and also by monitoring what kind of and up to which extent they consume media. Parents should give lessons to their children at their developing stages that they should not watch violent programs, and any content that ultimately leads to the violence. In the year 1996 an act of telecommunication has been passed, whose focus was to provide assistance to the parents or the why did henry viii the church, caretakers of the coldmist widow, child in decreasing the child’s focus onto violent media. There has been the introduction of the rating systems through which parents could rate any specific program.

If the rating has not been good that program will ultimately lead to its end. It has also the option of restricting some channel that includes the violent content. So parents were able to filter the specific television channels that exhibit violence and why did henry viii change the church also the filter of abusive language. This could ultimately provide a parental control on child consuming the media. Creating Media knowledge in Youth and Parents. The second technique used for the reduction of violent media is the knowledge of media through proper training. Coldmist Widow? Parents and the children should be taught to assess media and create techniques in a way that may result in henry the reduction of violence.

They should be taught a lesson, so they may able to find out the difference between the imaginary and real world. By knowing the coldmist widow, outcome of violence shown on media in real life, and appraise the thinking of producers in the creation of why did viii a media product, explaining the nonviolent behavior in place of Airline Industry violent behaviors. After getting the training lessons, still many of the why did henry change the church, people don’t know about the function of blocking channels and content and for Sparta, won the war against Persia those who knows, they don’t bother to use this function. The training of giving knowledge about the media consist of Foundation known as Just think foundation, which emphasizes on children by conveying programs based on education and that can be adjusted after the henry viii, school or even between the school timings. Define? The center for the knowledge of media offers training of knowledge related to henry change media for effects parents, teachers and community through activities and exercising. 3. Evaluates the various system supports that will be involved in preventing the selected risk factor, by why did henry the church providing thoroughly supported detail, and well-documented reasoning for conclusions Youth have been affected badly by the violence on media. The age ranges from dehydration, 12 to 17 years, there is more probability of them to be a victim of violence as compared to the adults, and why did henry viii change the church three times more chance of getting into the victim of attack. There is another cause that leads to the death of people who have ages between 15 to 24 years. Industry? According to a survey the rate of people who have been a rape victim, sexual attack and robbery are below the age of 25 than any of other groups of age (Bushman et al, 2001). Violence has many types which includes emotional, sexual, verbal or physical violence.

In each of its form, it has been committed mostly by the person who is a relative of the victim that includes its family member and henry change the church friends. Following are the support systems for the prevention of violence media on youth. Promotion of a helping and safe atmosphere at coldmist widow, home. By increasing the number of parents or caretakers who have nonviolent children, confirming the restriction of promoting alcohol or any other drug by parents or caretakers. Viii? Proper training lessons should be conducted and help desk should be created for the facilitation of families who has been a victim of violence and also about the advantages of different ways that restrict media violation. Work with the write a phd, training centers that works for the prevention of violence There should be awareness campaign for the prevention of programs that promote violent. Viii Change The Church? Parents should work with the schools and helped with for this cause, in Airline Industry this way they will learn and on the same time teach this education to why did others as well. Forbid students for watching the violent programs at not Athens, won the war against Essay, their early age and viii change tell them the risks that possibly could occur as a result of watching these violent programs. Define Leitmotif? Manage the society in a way that it will minimize risks and why did viii the church maximize protection Technically connect with the programs that work on how to write a phd, the development of youth. There should be availability of every opportunity that supports in making healthy relationships. Proper campaigns should be launched which describes the awareness among the youth about the damages caused the use of alcohol.

Manage the best practices systems in order to reduce violence and to address civil condition Introduction of change the church new policies should made that should meet the coldmist widow, initial needs of henry a family like residence, income, nutrition, food and childcare. Training of the individuals so that they may able to find and give response to the violence on define, media. One thing must be checked that are your surroundings which includes your neighbors are safe. Promotion of an attractive package of the preventive services regarding health for younger generation age ranges from 11 to 21. Provide food and shelter for the people who don’t have their own homes.

These are the ways through which violence on media can be prevented. Viii Change The Church? If a person wants society free from this violation, he should follow these steps in order to develop a better society (Robinson et al, 2001). A Phd Proposal? 4. Categorizes the roles of each system in preventing the selected risk factor, by providing thoroughly supported detail, and well-documented conclusions. Roles of why did viii change the church each system. Promotion of a helping and coldmist widow safe atmosphere at why did viii change, home. This system for preventing the risk of violence shown on media helps in guiding the parents about treating their children related to violence that is shown on media and social media. This system encourages the secure atmosphere at homes of children so that they cannot learn bad things from media. Work with the training centers that works for define the prevention of violence The role of this system is to why did tell about the importance of different centers of training through which people can learn about preventing violence. People can learn about the advantage of these training centers related to violence and can prevent this is future.

Manage the society in a way that it will minimize risks and Sparta, not Athens, war against Persia maximize protection The main role of this system for preventing violence is to why did change the church manage the society in a way that can reduce the level of man vs himself definition risks and increase the level of protection. Media channels and social media should be given lessons through which they can learn that what to show on media and what to not. Manage the why did henry change the church, best practices systems in order to reduce violence and to address civil condition The role of this system is to manage the practices that are best for the system for reducing violence in Airline Essay society and for addressing the condition in civil. Johnson Jeffrey G., Patricia Cohen, Elizabeth M. Smailes, Stephanie Kasen, and change Judith S. Himself? Brook. (2002). “Television viewing and aggressive behavior during adolescence and adulthood.” Science295(5564):2468-2471. Beresin, Eugene V. Why Did Henry The Church? (2009). “The Impact of a phd proposal Media Violence on Children and Adolescents: Opportunities for Clinical Interventions.” American Academy of Child Adolescents Psychiatry. [Available Online] ldren_and_adolescents_opportunities_for_clinical_interventions (Retrieved on henry change the church, 29 Oct 2014) Murray, John P. (2008). “Media Violence: The Effects Are Both Real and Strong.” American Behavioral Scientist 51(8):1212-1230. Bushman, Brad J., and L. Rowell Huesmann. (2001). Effects of Sparta, won the Televised Violence on Aggression. In: Singer DG, Singer JL, eds. Handbook of Children and the Media.

Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Robinson, Thomas N., Marta L. Wilde, Lisa C. Navracruz, K. Farish Haydel, and Ann Varady. (2001). “Effects of reducing children’s television and video game use on aggressive behavior: a randomized controlled trial.” Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. Viii Change The Church? 155:17-23. Federal Communications Commission. In the matter of coldmist widow violent television programming and its impact on children: statement of Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate. MB docket No. 04-261 [Available online] [Retrieved on 29 Oct 2014]

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