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Nov 17, 2017 Compare and contrast romeo and paris,

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Brief Therapy: A Student Essay On Brief Therapy. Compare And Contrast. Brief therapy refers to a family or group of related interventions in which the therapist deliberately limits both the theory and practice goals and the duration of compare and paris, contact (Wells, 1994). Brief therapy involves a wide range of approaches to chiaroscuro, psychotherapy, which unlike traditional therapies, set specific goals and romeo limit the number of and Poetry Essay, sessions (Nugent, 1994). This essay briefly outlines the compare main features of theory, brief therapy and critically evaluates its benefits and compare and contrast romeo limitations. Despite controversial opinions, it is nuclear power pros a very useful therapeutic tool for compare and contrast romeo and paris many mental health issues facing the nuclear power pros average population, though severe addictions and and contrast romeo and paris psychoses often require long-term intervention.

It is nuclear pros important that the referral for brief therapy is based upon compare cautious and example thorough assessment of client suitability, and therapists are aware of the compare and contrast and paris cultural context and values of nuclear power, clients before attempting to romeo, confront or change their thinking or behaviour (Corey, 1996). Flexibility with regards to techniques, spacing and of the house of usher duration of sessions, interruptions and and contrast and paris follow-up assessments is Social Issues in Hinduism important, depending on compare and contrast and paris, each individual case and poem charge of the light brigade the skill of the therapist (Rawson, 2002). However, further research into brief therapy is needed, which will help practitioners make prescriptions with greater accuracy and effectiveness (Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 1967). Psychoanalysis began as brief therapy, but later dynamic theories became longer and more open ended (Coren, 2001). Romeo And Paris. Stress-related emergencies of management theory and practice, World War II necessitated the and contrast romeo and paris development of brief interventions, with the theory and practice aim of symptom reduction and and contrast prevention of breakdown. The growing demand for poem mental health services, budget constraints and and contrast economic pressures further created the need for efficient and accessible intervention, making brief therapy popular in pride, the 80's and 90's (Nugent, 1994). And Contrast. Ferenczi (1951) and Rank (1945) pioneered ways to reduce treatment. Although most brief interventions range from seven to pride and prejudice scenes, 25 sessions (Sperry, 1989) there is no clear consensus as to the duration. Compare Romeo And Paris. Boundaries of time, place, security, confidentiality, therapist non-disclosure and conduct are stressed, while the environment must discourage a sense of timelessness and cozy self-reflection (Molnos, 1995). Brief therapy also involves directive skills and an active role by the therapist, who focuses on poem light brigade, making goals as clear as possible, helping the romeo and paris client in pride, systematic, step-by-step problem solving and compare and contrast using the pressure of the fall of the house of usher movie, time limit as a key towards change (Wells, 1982). It is thus defined by the therapists endeavour to improve the clients condition in a short period of time (Shulman, 1989) while helping him develop skills to manage future problems more effectively (Nugent, 1994).

In short, brief therapy involves the following basic principles: Time-limitation, focus on change, working alliance, therapists pro-activeness and optimism, flexibility of technique as well as focus on termination issues (Koss Shiang, 1994) Brief therapy has also been adapted to romeo, the majority of intervention theories, though it usually stems from psychodynamic or cognitive-behavioral theories. Some of the poem charge light brigade major models are: Interpersonal-developmental-existential approach Multimodal therapy Reality therapy Three-stage approach Solution focused brief therapy Neuro-linguistic programming Manns 12 session model Single-session therapy Two-plus-one model Contextual modular therapy (Feltham, 1997). Critical Evaluation Of Brief Therapy: The significance of brief psychotherapy is compare and paris not only a medical but a social one and it is Social in Hinduism Essay widely practiced in clinical and compare romeo institutional settings such as primary care, mental health services, industry, education and theory therapeutic work with the elderly or bereaved (Coren, 2001). It is of special relevance to and contrast romeo, the general physician because the power patients he sees are the compare romeo ones best suited for of W.B. Yeats this form of treatment (Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 1967). In cases where large populations must be served through managed health care, brief therapy encourages fair and equal distribution of services to as many people as possible (Austad Berman, 1991).

In fact, psychotherapy has evolved from romeo and paris a long-term psychoanalytically dominated method that was once available mainly to socially privileged clients, into a brief service accessible to a much wider population. Charge Of The Light Brigade. (Wells, 1994). However, there has been a lot of compare and contrast romeo, controversy regarding the morality and effectiveness of brief therapy, which is seen as essentially short and superficial, with questions about the permanence and depth of the fall of the movie, its results (Wilson, 1996). Compare And Contrast. Comparing eight contemporary short-term therapies, Sperry (1989) concluded that none of them agreed upon a unified definition, targets or aims, nor the ideal client to treat. Example. Even the and contrast romeo title itself connotes a sense of charge light, negativity and shortage (Feltham, 1997). Hence, a wide variety of and contrast and paris, terms have been used like time-conscious psychological therapy , time-sensitive, time-efficient and cost-effective therapy (Budman Gurman, 1988). Moreover, most psychotherapists, particularly those working in the private sector hold the rating view that long-term, open ended therapy is the and contrast romeo and paris superior form of of W.B. Yeats, intervention (Wilson, 1996) and compare and contrast and paris the longer the therapy endures, the the fall house movie better the patients improvement. And Contrast Romeo And Paris. E.g.

Cognitive Behaviour therapy has been criticized for being superficial, technique-oriented and pros simplistic, denying the importance of compare romeo, clients past, the charge of the light brigade role of compare and contrast romeo and paris, unconscious factors and working only on eliminating symptoms, without exploring the underlying causes of scale, difficulties (Corey, 1996). And Contrast. Yet empirical evidence shows that both long-term and the fall house of usher movie short-term therapy give equal results, which proves that brief treatment is capable of compare and contrast, delivering as much service in pride scenes, less time (Wells, 1994). Some of the recent research has in compare and contrast and paris, fact, demonstrated that therapeutic interventions designed for shorter number of sessions are more effective than longer interventions (Sperry, 1989) though results from a randomized trial show that while short-term psychotherapy produced quicker benefits, long-term therapy produced more durable gains (Knekt et al., 2008). Social Issues. Research on compare and contrast, crises demonstrates that most people only Issues in Hinduism Essay seek therapy when they are in and contrast and paris, severe crisis and of W.B. Yeats therapy must be devised in a way to work within the compare and contrast and paris time limit in which the crisis naturally resolves itself (Wells, 1994). Brief therapy is thus often highly beneficial to previously well-functioning individuals involved in The Life of W.B. Yeats, a situational crisis, as it aims at relieving current conflicts rather than personality changes (Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 1967). In fact, the compare romeo and paris therapist himself can view this service as similar to example, intermittent parenting of a client (Mander, 2003). And Paris. Besides, long-term therapy is more costly and requires a great investment of time while brief therapy does not cause much disruption to ones daily life. E.g. families are often prepared to and Poetry, allow family therapy for romeo a limited period of time and poem charge of the brigade the therapist has to and contrast romeo, use this restriction by utilizing appropriate methodology (Coren, 2001). Brief therapy however, is of the house movie not just limited to and contrast, the removal of stressful symptoms but significant personality changes are possible, depending on the client and in Hinduism the therapists skill. Since time-limited therapies propose that people continue to compare and contrast and paris, grow throughout their lives, they can support this development by focusing on rating, obstacles rather than disease or deficits (Coren, 2001). Romeo. All major models of brief term therapy recognize that the existential reality of an Issues in Hinduism agreed time limit is a powerful force for compare change (Wilson, 1996).

According to Social Essay, Bandler (1993) it's easier to cure a phobia in compare, ten minutes than in in Hinduism Essay, five years as the and paris human mind does not learn slowly but quickly. E.g. In Intensive short-term psychotherapy , Davanloo (1978) wasted no time in pros, identifying early signs of transference by pointing out to the client his passive-aggressive stance. Romeo. While such approaches are criticized for their confrontational techniques, others view it as a way of pride and prejudice, communicating and and contrast and paris reaching out to house, the client (Coren, 2001). Compare Romeo And Paris. In fact, the active role of the mania therapist, the expectations concerning the length of compare, therapy, and the specificity of goals facilitate therapy and avoid some of the management theory pitfalls of long-term psychotherapy (Garfield, 1989). Time limits provide structure, encourage clients to be independent and self-reliant and increase optimism and hope that improvement is possible within a short period (Rawson, 2002). They also help to concentrate the patients material and the therapists work and prevent therapy from compare and paris becoming aimless and mania rating scale diffuse (Malan, 1979).

Brief therapy is thus not the hurried and superficial activity its critics suggest, but is simply a different way of therapy and counseling and compare as much tender loving care can be conveyed in brief as in the fall of usher movie, lengthy therapy (Feltham, 1997). However, although brief therapies reflect contemporary trends, they are also in danger of compare and contrast romeo and paris, losing what is example distinctively therapeutic and becoming the romeo best form of scenes, commodity on the therapeutic market or a quick fix (Coren, 2001). Compare And Contrast Romeo. But as Randolph (1992) argues, brief therapy is realistic and geared to the needs of clients and not just the restraints of the market. Nuclear Power Pros. Even the compare and contrast romeo and paris proponents of nuclear, brief therapy question its appropriateness for romeo different client groups (Wilson, 1996) and agree that it is not suitable indiscriminately for all kinds of psychiatric problems. Whitaker (1996) stresses that eating, personality and sexual disorders and alcohol and in Hinduism drug addiction is compare and contrast not easily curable through brief intervention. However, in Koegler and Social Issues Brill's (1967) experience, even quite ill patients respond positively to compare and contrast romeo, brief therapy, combined with tranquilizing drugs.

According to mania, Garfield (1989) except for very seriously disturbed individuals, brief treatment can be considered for most patients in touch with reality, experiencing some discomfort, and who make the compare effort to seek help. Special care must be taken with patients with suicidal risk, as brief therapy rarely offers enough protection or time to nuclear pros, resolve their difficulty, though it serves to prepare clients for and contrast and paris long-term treatment or highlight the need for example it (Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 1967) Wolberg (1965) states that the romeo best strategy is to the fall house of usher movie, assume that every patient, irrespective of diagnosis, will respond to short-term treatment unless he proves to romeo, be resistant to it, although he made exception for nuclear power pros major disorders and compare romeo psychoses. However, he used short-term methods in treating chronic disease, obsessive-compulsive neurosis and borderline schizophrenia with gratifying results. Moreover, the clinical criteria for therapy must underlie a well-defined and Social thorough assessment model like the DSM IV (Cooper Archer, 1999). Also, clients must have a right to both open-ended and compare and paris time-limited therapies though, in poem charge of the brigade, practice this is compare and contrast romeo and paris often influenced by extraneous factors, patients financial resources and the therapists availability (Coren, 2001).

A follow-up session is often important to The Life of W.B., evaluate the final result, and in compare romeo and paris, cases where desired results are not obtained, provisions should be made for the fall of the long-term treatment or one or more courses of compare, brief psychotherapy (Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 1967). Power Pros. It can be very challenging for a therapist to achieve fixed goals within a short available time, hence the goals must be realistic. Instead of compare and contrast and paris, rigid rules about termination, contracts should be flexible, so that after the nuclear pros initial agreement of compare and contrast and paris, brevity, clients are given the choice to stop or opt for longer treatment, without being pressurized to do so. Also, the repeated hellos and goodbyes (Mander, 2003) can be difficult for both the client and therapist. As Wolberg (1965) states, there is no time to make mistakes in brief therapy as it requires the wisdom born of experience. Thus, not only does it take time to establish a good working alliance, but being able to let go of clients, manage issues of rating scale, loss, as well as achieve maximum benefits for the client within limited time requires maturity, skill and experience and can put great demands on the therapist. And Contrast And Paris. It would be useful if the recent innovations in brief therapeutic practice can be incorporated into the diverse, empirically based foundation that was the major strength of the original version (Wells, 1994). Mania Scale. Also, instead of compare and contrast romeo and paris, promising miracle cures in unrealistically few sessions, brief therapy needs to use models of treatment applicable to Social Issues Essay, a large number of and paris, people in different settings.

Lastly, awareness of unconscious processes like transference, symbols and metaphors as well as knowledge of the chiaroscuro developmental theory can help make brief encounters more productive (Coren, 2001). Romeo. In a climate of limited resources, time and funding, not only is there an Social Issues increasing demand for brief therapy (Wilson, 1996) but it is being recognized in its own right rather than a modification or diluted version of and contrast romeo, traditional therapy (Coren, 2001). Thus brief therapy can be used very effectively, provided different therapists aim to and practice, match their techniques and clinical experience according to compare and contrast and paris, individual client needs. The Lessons I Learned From Being a Therapist. by the fall of the of usher movie, Mark Tulin 6. Five Movies That Would Challenge Any Therapist. by and contrast romeo and paris, Mark Tulin 3. Power. How Gestalt Therapy Views Depression. by irishphoenix 15. And Contrast Romeo And Paris. Advantages and Disadvantages of poem light brigade, Online Therapy. by CarlySullens 12. Guided Imagery Forest Path Script. by and contrast, Blake Flannery 5. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script. by charge light brigade, Blake Flannery 1. Group Therapy Topics: Mental Health Educational Activities. by Blake Flannery 16. Hypnotherapist-uk 3 years ago from London, England. Compare. Great informative lens about Brief Therapy and the types available.

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La hojarasca; Gabriel García Márquez. Enviado por: Miguel Fijó Idioma: castellano Pais: Espana 13 paginas. GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ. Nacio en Aracataca (Colombia) en 1928,curso estudios de secundaria en San Jose, a partir de 1940 y finalizo su bachillerato en el Colegio Liceo de Zipaquira, el 12 de diciembre de 1946. And Contrast Romeo! Posteriormente se matricula en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Nacional de Cartagena el 25 de febrero de 1947, aunque sin mostrar excesivo interes por los estudios. Of The House Of Usher Movie! Su amistad con el medico y escritor Manuel Zapata Olivella le permitio acceder al periodismo. Compare! Fue despues del Bogotazo (el asesinato del dirigente liberal Jorge Eliecer Gaitan en Bogota, las posteriores manifestaciones y la brutal represion de las mismas), cuando comenzaron sus colaboraciones en el periodico liberal El Universal , que habia sido fundado el mes de marzo de ese mismo ano por Domingo Lopez Escauriaza.

RESUMEN DE LA OBRA: La hojarasca, trata de la historia del entierro de un hombre, un medico misterioso y odiado, al que sus vecinos quieren dejar insepulto. In Hinduism Essay! Al mismo tiempo es la historia del odio acumulado durante veinticinco anos en Macondo, un lugar llamado a ser, pocos anos despues, famoso en el mundo entero. La obra comienza con la muerte de un medico innominado, que cayo en desgracia con el pueblo de Macondo y que un buen dia decidio ahorcarse, para mostrarse por primera vez, como dice Gabo, comodamente muerto, en el velatorio del doctor del pueblo. La historia es narrada a traves de los monologos de tres personajes de una misma familia: un viejo coronel (el abuelo), Isabel (hija del coronel), y el hijo de Isabel. A traves de los ojos del nino, te puedes pasear por los frios y tristes alrededores de la muerte y del velatorio (la muerte de una persona y su cortejo, la muerte del pueblo y su procesion); los mismos ojos te cuentan el ocaso del pueblo; fundidas sus riquezas y apagado su esplendor por las guerras y las crisis; esas mismas que llenaron las calles y las casas de una hojarasca formada de desperdicios naturales y humanos.

De pronto, llego la compania bananera perseguida por “la hojarasca”(era una hojarasca revuelta, alborotada, formada por los desperdicios humanos y materiales de los otros pueblos: rastrojos de una guerra civil que cada vez parecia mas remota e inverosimil.) La hojarasca era implacable, contaminando todo de su revuelto olor multitudinario, olor de secrecion a flor de piel y de recondita muerte. En el texto coexisten dos fuerzas antagonicas e irreconciliables que presentan dos visiones del mundo, igualmente opuestas. Compare And Contrast Romeo! Nosotros, paradigma del orden (conformado por las familias fundadoras de Macondo y representado por la figura mitica del Coronel), tiene como oponente al cantante hojarasca (formado por los desplazados de las guerras civiles alentados por la oportunidad de trabajo que abre la llegada de la compania extranjera a Macondo), paradigma de lo entropico que instituye nuevos heroes contradictores de los valores occidentales y lleva a cabo un proceso de organizacion desintegradota. Todo enmarcado dentro de un proceso de evolucion historica de la region del norte-costera de Colombia, basado en la eliminacion del elemento autoctono y en la importacion de poblacion nueva. Mania Rating Scale! Como resultado obtenemos una sociedad basicamente compuesta por gente recien llegada “ los recien llegados” ( expresion aparece en el prologo de la novela) y un sincretismo cultural y racial que genera esa vision del mundo completamente nueva y original. La Hojarasca nos muestra, la ideologia de un patriciado liberal en crisis es, en apariencia, el punto de vista ideologico que organiza el desarrollo del relato, pues el verdadero proposito de la novela es la representacion-evaluacion del advenimiento (?de la postergacion?) de la modernidad en Colombia. El elemento responsable del sentido en el texto de la novela, es una formacion social que enmarca el desarrollo historico de la region caribena colombiana dentro de la caracterizacion de Pueblo Nuevo y la opone a la de los Pueblos Testimonios de la region Andina. Compare And Contrast And Paris! Esta formacion social implica, como ya se dijo, la eliminacion-obliteracion de la poblacion autoctona y la importacion de mano de obra esclava, en primera instancia, y luego, asalariada, producto de los flujos migratorios tan importantes en la conformacion de todas las sociedades del Caribe.

En la novela, esta formacion social se ve a traves de tres articuladores semioticos: la figura del extranjero, la desaparicion de Meme y la deshumanizacion de los guajiros, y a traves de la tecnica del metarrelato o relato espejo. Macondo, pueblo reciente conformado por recien llegados (solo tiene unos 30 anos, la edad de Isabel) y el proposito ultimo de la novela es precisamente mostrar ese origen cercano, esa novedad y su evolucion. Power Pros! La intencion del autor probablemente es buscar su origen, escudrinar su identidad, responderse a la pregunta: ?De donde vengo? De extranjeros, de recien llegados, parece ser la respuesta. And Contrast Romeo! Por eso son ellos los dinamizadores de la trama de la novela. Of The House Of Usher Movie! El relato gira en torno al extranjero medico; el liderazgo en el pueblo es ejercido por el cachorro, otro recien llegado; Martin ejerce singular atraccion sobre las mujeres de Macondo, e incluso, sobre el coronel; el coronel mismo es un recien llegado. And Contrast And Paris! Las uniones en el pueblo de las que tenemos conocimiento se dan siempre con extranjeros: Meme-Medico, Isabel-Martin, Genoveva-Titiriteros, signo inequivoco de la tendencia integracionista y de la tendencia al sincretismo de las sociedades caribenas. En el texto aparece una semiotica referida a lo foraneo como elemento integral y constitutivo de Macondo: La hojarasca volteo y salio a recibirlo y con la vuelta perdio el impulso, pero logro unidad y solidez; y sufrio el natural proceso de fermentacion y se incorporo a los germenes de la tierra. Si uno de los rasgos de los pueblos contiguos al mar Caribe fue el extermino casi total de la poblacion autoctona, nos preguntamos por que aparecen indigenas en un texto que pretende erigirse como imagen especular de la region donde se desarrolla; y, adicionalmente, y aun mas intrigante: ?Por que guajiros? Cabe recordar, senalar que el contacto de los espanoles con la poblacion indigena, tuvo drasticos efectos sobre esta y como el mismo autor continua diciendo los indigenas fueron reemplazados por negros traidos de las antillas y del Africa, con lo cual se incidia en la modificacion de la encomienda como sistema de produccion ante la impresionante desaparicion de los indigenas. En el texto se convierte este proceso de exterminio a partir de un articulador semiotico: la desaparicion de la india Meme y su descendencia.

Este, a su vez, se articula discursivamente a traves de la oposicion del discurso oficial del extranjero causante del exterminio: en cuanto a Meme nos dio una explicacion que habria podido parecer pueril, pero que fue dicha por el con el mismo acento con que habria dicho su verdad. Rating! Dijo que Meme se habia ido, eso era todo. Romeo And Paris! Asi, a traves del discurso no-oficial portado por un pasquin: Pero en el pasquin que aparecio en esta esquina se decia que el medico asesino a su concubina y le dio sepultura en el huerto En la obra se utiliza la tecnica del dato escondido, en cuanto a la descendencia indigena, es decir, narracion por omision o por omisiones significativas, silenciando temporal o definitivamente ciertos datos de la historia para dar mas relieve o fuerza narrativa a esos mismos datos que han sido momentanea o totalmente suprimidos, principio de organizacion narrativa muy apropiado para este caso, pues el discurso oficial, el del extranjero, es el que oculta y omite el dato: Digame una cosa, doctor: ?Que fue de la criatura? El no modifico la expresion: ?Que criatura, coronel?, Tiene razon, coronel.

Hasta me habia olvidado de eso, con esto, el autor y su region, se explican, se piensan. Pride And Prejudice! Sin embargo, aun queda por resolver el hecho mas intrigante en este sentido: ?Por que guajiros? La respuesta parece residir, en mi opinion, en una formacion social mucho mas especifica que se presenta en el departamento del Gran Magdalena, una de las subregiones de la costa Caribe colombiana, compuesta hasta los anos sesenta por las regiones del Magdalena, La Guajira y El Cesar, territorios sobre los cuales la ciudad de Santa Marta ejercia importante influencia como capital. Compare And Contrast! Segun Adriana Mercedes Corso, las actividades administrativas de la gobernacion, las sesiones de la Asamblea Departamental, la oferta de servicios financieros (v. Scale! gr. Compare Romeo! la Caja Agraria) para esos territorios se realizaban en Santa Marta y se ofrecia educacion de calidad en el Liceo Celedon, claustro en el cual se formaron muchos cesarenses y guajiros. Issues! Producto de esa situacion de primacia, encontramos una formacion ideologica que senala la superioridad de los samarios y la inferioridad de los guajiros, tendencia xenofobica que senala la categorizacion de vasallos para los ultimos y senores para los primeros. And Contrast Romeo! Es por eso que el pueblo ve con 'malos ojos' la actitud de Meme de pretender ser una senora y esta a punto de apedrearla: Meme se habia presentado a la iglesia, adornada como una cualquiera elevada a la categoria de senora. Charge Light Brigade! Y por eso Isabel la ve vestida mas como un pesebre de navidad que como una senora

La estructura ideologica se refleja en la obra a partir de la deshumanizacion de los guajiros vasallos del Coronel. Compare Romeo! Asi, para Isabel son animales amaestrados en un circo , para el nino cuatro cuervos en un caballete y para el Coronel, una posesion, por eso los llama mis hombres . Rating! Como senala Vargas Llosa, los guajiros apenas son personas: meras presencias, se confunden con las vigas, con el catre solitario, con el ataud. El relato espejo: La parte mas importante de la mise en abime de la region caribena hecha por el autor esta en la narracion hecha por el nino. Romeo! La pregunta obligada parece ser: ?Por que es el nino quien inicia y termina narrando en La Hojarasca, si el desconoce en su mayoria los datos de la historia? Mi hipotesis se orienta a que la insercion de su narracion no tiene nada que ver con la historia del doctor narrada por los otros dos personajes, y a que, mas bien, estamos en presencia de un metarrelato o relato espejo que pretende ser una explicacion, una revelacion del proposito central de la novela: la formacion de un pueblo nuevo o pueblo caribeno. Los monologos del nino son la representacion de un despertar, de una iniciacion: Por primera vez he visto un cadaver, He pasado frente al espejo de la sala y me he visto de cuerpo entero, . Mania Scale! Y he pensado: ese soy yo, como si hoy fuera domingo.

El nino aparece, entonces, como simbolo de ese pueblo naciente, nuevo, inocente, en proceso de aprendizaje. And Contrast Romeo! Un pueblo sin pasado mitico y sin conciencia de futuro. Rating! De ahi que la narracion del nino se desarrolle casi siempre en presente. Si bien el personaje que tiene relacion con el Mersault de Camus es el medico, el discurso existencial aflora, de manera explicita, en los monologos del nino como signo inequivoco de esa busqueda identitaria, de esa filosofia del ser. Compare And Contrast Romeo And Paris! Garcia Marquez, al igual que Hector Rojas Herazo, poeta y companero del grupo de Cartagena, sigue la linea heidegeriana del existencialismo ateo en la que el ser no se concibe de modo indirecto por via del pensamiento intelectivo sino tan solo directamente revelandose al hombre a traves de su existencia personal. And Prejudice! Como en el autor sucreno, el conocimiento del mundo se hace a traves de los sentidos asi lo vemos en frases como : veo que tienen la cabeza acerada y un panuelo amarrado a la mandibula., veo que tiene la boca un poco abierta , Y senti ese olor a desperdicios , y oigo a lo lejos el pito del tren que se pierde en la ultima vuelta, Yo conozco los cuartos por el olor. La aparicion del discurso existencial se explica, en razon a una formacion ideologica asociada al centralismo como actitud dominante en Colombia desde la decada del 40 que de acuerdo con Jacques Gilard, se mostraba 'inmune a las disonancias de unas periferias cuya existencia no se reconocia sino en dosis homeopaticas' y que a finales de los 40 fue defendida y sustentada por el suplemento literario del periodico El tiempo, por unos anos la publicacion cultural de mas amplia difusion en el pais y cuyos colaboradores (German Arciniegas, Eduardo Caballero Calderon, entre otros) eran enemigos acerrimos del pensamiento existencialista. And Contrast And Paris! El mismo Garcia Marquez corrobora su apego al existencialismo en una entrevista con Jose Luis Diaz-Granados, al ser consultada su opinion sobre un cuento de este ultimo: Esta bueno el cuento. Power! Pero no es existencialista. Asi vemos que, la narracion del nino se constituye en metarrelato, es decir, relato que habla de si mismo; en relato espejo que se constituye en 'senal' del texto basico que ayuda a clarificar el proposito central de este.

Vision caribe del mundo y panteon de heroes caribenos. Del mismo modo , la novela patenta la emergencia de una vision caribena sui generis que instituye valores igualmente singulares, en marcada oposicion a los valores occidentales fundamentados en la moral cristiana, introduciendo, de paso, un nuevo tipo de figuras heroicas que, como lo senala el profesor Avella , no siguen las reglas del juego sino que se juegan la regla. De los personajes que caben resaltar en la novela es, quiza, El Cachorro, la representacion del anti-sacerdote, religioso que no preconiza las bondades de la moral cristiana, defiende a un ateo y no lee la Biblia. Compare Romeo And Paris! El Cachorro es poco ortodoxo y menos doctrinario y, por tanto, muy caribe. Poem Charge Of The Brigade! Es uno de los representantes del desorden y aunque nacio en el pueblo, tambien es un extranjero que llego junto con la hojarasca. Romeo! Para todos tiene caracteristicas heroicas, incluso para el coronel, representante del orden, por ello es uno de los elementos que corrobora la desestabilizacion de la vision del mundo occidental y de la ideologia conservadora-moralista que va de la mano con ella por parte de la vision caribena.

La figura del sacerdote en “no religioso parece surgir de una tendencia social y religiosa escenificada a partir del Segundo Concilio Vaticano en una nueva generacion de sacerdotes que, en palabras de Jaime Eduardo Jaramillo, expresan una vision notablemente mas secularizada que muchos de sus antecesores expresada en una ensenanza religiosa mas moderna, tolerante y pragmatica El cachorro, a su vez, determina otra figura en el panteon caribe: el almanaque Bristol, reemplazando a uno de los simbolos mas sagrados del mundo occidental: La Biblia. Of The! El mismo Coronel lo deja ver: De todos modos, lo que suceda tenia que suceder, como si lo hubiera anunciado el almanaque. Compare And Contrast Romeo! Claro esta que el ataque de Garcia Marquez a la religion, en este sentido, tambien se encuentra ligado al papel de la iglesia catolica como aparato ideologico y represivo del Estado durante la hegemonia conservadora de mitad de siglo. La otro personaje heroico caribeno reflejada en la novela, es la del trickster, tal vez la de mayor recurrencia en las manifestaciones folcloricas de todo el gran Caribe (recordemos a Ananse, por ejemplo). Charge Of The Brigade! Martin, el esposo de Isabel, es la clara representacion del ser astuto que logra enganar a todos valiendose de los mas ingeniosos ardides, consiguiendo la admiracion de todos por ello. Romeo! Asi, Martin desposa a Isabel con el objetivo de ganarse la confianza del Coronel y llevar a cabo una empresa con el respaldo de los bienes de este. Of Usher Movie! A pesar de que ha desaparecido desde hace nueve anos, el Coronel piensa: han transcurrido nueve anos pero no por ello tengo derecho a pensar que era un estafador.

No tengo derecho a pensar que su matrimonio fue apenas una coartada para persuadirme de su buena fe. And Contrast Romeo! . Poem Of The Light! Sin embargo, en el fondo, el Coronel sabe que ha sido enganado por un especialista en timos y por eso senala mas adelante: si ambos nos equivocamos al confiar en Martin, corre como error compartido. And Contrast Romeo And Paris! Ademas, el coronel deja entrever cierta admiracion por el astuto joven: llego a mi casa con un saco de cuatro botones, segregando juventud y dinamismo por todos los poros, envuelto en una luminosa atmosfera de simpatia . Mania Scale! Isabel advierte esa situacion: Martin parecia vinculado a mi padre por una entranable y solida amistad y este hablaba de aquel como si fuera el y no yo quien iba a casarse con Martin. El juego de las reglas se puede ver en la conversacion del alcalde con el Coronel acerca del entierro del doctor. Romeo! El alcalde se erige como el deshonesto, el hombre que se enfrenta al mundo adverso y sobrevive en una situacion precaria jugandose la regla: Y entonces comprendo que es deliberadamente ilogico, que esta inventando trabas para impedir el entierro. And Prejudice! Es aqui donde la desestabilizacion de esa vision del mundo occidental, logica y racional, llega a su punto maximo. Compare And Contrast And Paris! Es la vision caribe, anti-logica y entropica la que organiza claramente el desarrollo del relato y las relaciones de los personajes, pues el Coronel comienza a tener una vision menos ortodoxa: Coronel, esto podriamos arreglarlo de otro modo. Pride And Prejudice! Y yo, sin darle tiempo a terminar, le digo: Cuanto . Finalmente, cabe resaltar que La Hojarasca es obra fundacional del Caribe Colombiano, en tanto se erige como espejo de su evolucion historica a traves de la duplicacion de las estructuras socio-historicas que dieron origen a ella. Compare Romeo! El texto presenta, paralelamente, una vision del mundo particular a la region caribena que emerge desestabilizando e imponiendose, en definitivas, a la vision aparentemente dominante, la vision del mundo occidental, cristiano-moralista, e instaurando, de paso, un nuevo panteon heroico que contraviene los valores y patrones axiomaticos introducidos por esa moral cristiana. En el texto, este proposito se refleja al establecerse una red semiotica que apunta hacia el realce de lo extranjero, de lo recien llegado, y al rebajamiento de lo autoctono. Nuclear Power Pros! Del mismo modo se logra a partir de la introduccion de la tecnica del relato espejo y del discurso existencial y a traves de la utilizacion de heroes investidos de anti-valores, anversos de los arquetipos tradicionales. La suposicion de que Remedios, la bella, poseia poderes de muerte, estaba entonces sustentada por cuatro hechos irrebatibles.

Aunque algunos hombres ligeros de palabra se complacian en decir que bien valia sacrificar la vida por una noche de amor con tan conturbadora mujer, la verdad fue que ninguno hizo esfuerzos por conseguirlo. And Contrast! Tal vez, no solo para rendirla sino tambien para conjurar sus peligros, habria bastado con un sentimiento tan primitivo, y simple como el amor, pero eso fue lo unico que no se le ocurrio a nadie. Rating! Ursula no volvio a ocuparse de ella. And Contrast Romeo And Paris! En otra epoca, cuando todavia no renunciaba al proposito de salvarla para el mundo, procuro que se interesara por los asuntos elementales de la casa. Charge! Los hombres piden mas de lo que tu crees, le decia enigmaticamente. Compare! Hay mucho que cocinar, mucho que barrer, mucho que sufrir por pequeneces, ademas de lo que crees.

En el fondo se enganaba a si misma tratando de adiestrarla para la felicidad domestica, porque estaba convencida de que, una vez satisfecha la pasion, no habia un hombre sobre la tierra capaz de soportar asi fuera por un dia una negligencia que estaba mas alla de toda comprension. Scale! El nacimiento del ultimo Jose Arcadio, y su inquebrantable voluntad de educarlo para Papa, terminaron por hacerla desistir de sus preocupaciones por la bisnieta. Compare And Contrast And Paris! La abandono a su suerte, confiando que tarde o temprano ocurriera un milagro, y que en este mundo donde habia de todo hubiera tambien un hombre con suficiente cachaza para cargar con ella. Nuclear Pros! Ya desde mucho antes, Amaranta habia renunciado a toda tentativa de convertirla en una mujer util. Compare And Contrast Romeo And Paris! Desde las tardes olvidadas del costurero, cuando la sobrina apenas se interesaba por darle vuelta a la manivela de la maquina de coser, llego a la conclusion simple de que era boba. Social Issues Essay! Vamos a tener que rifarte, le decia, perpleja ante su impermeabilidad a la palabra de los hombres. Romeo And Paris! Mas tarde, cuando Ursula se empeno en que Remedios, la bella, asistiera a misa con la cara cubierta con una mantilla, Amaranta penso que aquel recurso misterioso resultaria tan provocador, que muy pronto habria un hombre lo bastante intrigado como para buscar con paciencia el punto debil de su corazon.

Pero cuando vio la forma insensata en que desprecio a un pretendiente que por muchos motivos era mas apetecible que un principe, renuncio a toda esperanza. Issues In Hinduism! Fernanda no hizo siquiera la tentativa de comprenderla. And Contrast Romeo And Paris! Cuando vio a Remedios, la bella, vestida de reina en el carnaval sangriento, penso que era una criatura extraordinaria. Yeats Essay! Pero cuando la vio comiendo con las manos, incapaz de dar una respuesta que no fuera un prodigio de simplicidad, lo unico que lamento fue que los bobos de familia tuvieran una vida tan larga. And Contrast And Paris! A pesar de que el coronel Aureliano Buendia seguia creyendo y repitiendo que Remedios, la bella, era en realidad el ser mas lucido que habia conocido jamas, y que lo demostraba a cada momento con su asombrosa habilidad para burlarse de todos, la abandonaron a la buena de Dios. Mania Rating! Remedios, la bella, se quedo vagando por el desierto de la soledad, sin cruces a cuestas, madurandose en sus suenos sin pesadillas, en sus banos interminables, en sus comidas sin horarios, en sus hondos y prolongados silencios sin recuerdos, hasta una tarde de marzo en que Fernanda quiso doblar en el jardin sus sabanas de bramante, y pidio ayuda a las mujeres de la casa. Romeo! Apenas habia empezado, cuando Amaranta advirtio que Remedios, la bella, estaba transparentada por una palidez intensa. -?Te sientes mal? -le pregunto. Remedios, la bella, que tenia agarrada la sabana por el otro extremo, hizo una sonrisa de lastima. -Al contrario -dijo-, nunca me he sentido mejor.

Acabo de decirlo, cuando Fernanda sintio que un delicado viento de luz le arranco las sabanas de las manos y las desplego en toda su amplitud. Mania Rating! Amaranta sintio un temblor misterioso en los encajes de sus pollerines y trato de agarrarse de la sabana para no caer, en el instante en que Remedios, la bella, empezaba a elevarse. And Paris! Ursula, ya casi ciega, fue la unica que tuvo serenidad para identificar la naturaleza de aquel viento irreparable, y dejo las sabanas a merced de la luz, viendo a Remedios, la bella, que le decia adios con la mano, entre el deslumbrante aleteo de las sabanas que subian con ella, que abandonaban con ella el aire de los escarabajos y las dalias, y pasaban con ella a traves del aire donde terminaban las cuatro de la tarde, y se perdieron con ella para siempre en los altos aires donde no podian alcanzarla ni los mas altos pajaros de la memoria. Para concluir senalar que La Hojarasca , primera novela de Garcia Marquez, cabe analizarla a la luz de los procesos socio-historicos que configuraron la region caribena colombiana (modernizacion, procesos identitarios, de urbanizacion, de poblamiento) y presentar una lectura sociocritica de la misma que ilustre la emergencia de una vision Caribe del mundo al lado de la mise en abime de un proceso de transformacion socio-economica de un Pueblo Nuevo como elementos estructurantes del relato y como manifestaciones de una manera especular de ver la realidad. Bloom, Harold (editor). Rating! Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Nueva York: Chelsea Books, 1989. And Contrast Romeo And Paris! El gran critico americano recopila aqui 18 importantes trabajos criticos que analizan al novelista desde diversos angulos metodologicos. Cebrian, Juan Luis. Power Pros! Retrato de Garcia Marquez. And Contrast Romeo! Barcelona: Circulo de Lectores, 1989.

Biografia del periodista y del escritor, realizada por otro periodista y escritor.

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Ezra Pound Pound, Ezra (Vol. 1) - Essay. A major American poet, now living in Italy, Pound will be remembered for his Cantos and for his influence on, and assistance given to, innumerable English-language writers. He has also written prose and romeo and paris, has done translations. (See also Contemporary Authors , Vols. 5-8, rev. Pros? ed.) Ezra Pound could be a beautiful poet, in compare and contrast romeo, dribs and drabs of isolated lyric pieces. His real gift is for pastiche. He has imitated the the fall of the movie, Greeks, the Chinese, and compare and contrast romeo, finally his own youth. But he has always been obsessed; for a number of years he was clearly insane, and what makes him puzzlingif you really look into himis his manic oscillation between savagery and tenderness, between real insight and phony scholarship. Any man of good will must be divided about Pound. For myself, surrounded as I am by inexpungible memories of the millions of dead, I cannot think of the purely literary case made out for Pound without horror.

Alfred Kazin, The Youngest Man Who Ever Was (1959), in The Life of W.B. Essay, his Contemporaries ( 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961 by Alfred Kazin; reprinted by permission of Atlantic-Little, Brown Co.), Atlantic-Little, Brown, 1962, pp. 113-18 . Excitement attends almost all Ezra Pound's prose and poetrythe excitement of the man himself, his urgency and cantankerousness and virtuosity. Compare And Paris? Also, he has authority . In part this is the irritating authority of the house of usher movie, self-appointed leader, yet it is indisputable. One sees it in the reminiscences of his oldest friends, still full of mingled admiration and resentment. 'An uncomfortably tensed, nervously straining, jerky, reddish brown young American,' says Wyndham Lewis, describing Pound's arrival in London in his mid-twenties. 'He had no wish to mix ; he just wanted to impress .' For the British, as for his own countrymen, he was 'an unassimilable and aggressive stranger.' Still, the compare and contrast romeo, authority was there despite the hostile response; he stood for the most rigorous poetic dedication, and the best writers were likely to recognize this fact. Pound's experiments with translation added enormously to pride and prejudice scenes the authority of romeo and paris his tone and style. From the start translation afforded him the chance to sink himself into the poetry of the past and of other languages and societies. Responsive to tone and nuance, he could recover the sensibilities of others and find a voice for house of usher, himself through them. His translations have the compare and contrast romeo, same basic virtue as his other poetry: intuitive grasp of the the fall of usher, shape and emotional essence of his subject. From the early poems, translations, and adaptations, we can see that the vast excitement of Pound's work is rooted not only in his own personality and compare and contrast, abilities but in Essay, those artistic and intellectual revolutions which marked the compare and contrast, first third of this century.

He is the poet of new beginnings, of released energies, of vast curiosity cutting across cultural barriers. And tragically, the psychological symptoms of prolonged social crisis, that crisis which culminated in two wars as well as in charge, the Fascist system he has defended, have found expression through him also. He is an epitome of a paradoxical era: a fighter for creative freedom and sanity who found himself, in old age, committed to a mental hospital. Published in 'installments,' as it were, since 1919, the Cantos has been a gigantic experiment of a new kind, its growth in and contrast romeo and paris, time essential to its very nature. Each of its larger units extends our range of consciousness concerning the The Life of W.B. Yeats Essay, relevance of the central perspective: a universal sensibility gauging the depravity of a usury-ridden world and setting against compare and paris it the ideals of rational thought, rational economic practices ('rational' in the view of such Social Credit thinkers as Douglas, Gesell, and Pound), and a 'pagan' aestheticism. Pride And Prejudice Scenes? As each unit is developed, it recapitulates the root-themes in a new context; ordinarily the refocusing is and paris, not at first clear to the reader, but the pattern does emerge. M. L. Rosenthal, Ezra Pound: The Poet as Hero ( 1960 by M. L. Rosenthal; reprinted by permission of Oxford University Press, Inc.), in his The Modern Poets: A Critical Introduction, Oxford University Press, 1960, pp. Mania Rating Scale? 49-74 . There is compare romeo, a great deal of misunderstanding about Pound, and perhaps even misrepresentation. The earliest prose, for example the fine study of Henry James, is perceptive and cogent, and the poetry written during the same period, mostly before World War I, is often carefully wrought and subtle. But even then, in the poetry, one is never wholly certain which of the nuclear power, Pound voices is the real Pound. Pound the lyricist is most frequently in view, and it is in compare romeo, his lyricism that he has had his greatest success.

This is best exhibited, perhaps, in the early Cantos . It appears intermittently, sometimes in explosive flashes, in the later Cantos , but usually the lyricism is not sustained; in its place one finds anecdotes, cryptic and Social Issues in Hinduism, gnomic utterances, dirty jokes, obscenities of various sorts, and a harsh insistence on the importance to culture of certain political leaders and economists. The majority of and contrast romeo Pound's critics find the Cantos his most important literary contribution. Pride? Various efforts have been made to say what they are about. Compare And Contrast? Perhaps the easiest way of getting at their subject matter is to say they are about Pound's reactions to his own reading, of Homer, Ovid, or Remy de Gourmont, of various economists and political leaders, and Pound's own literary recollections, usually memories of London or Paris. Nuclear Pros? As the years went by, Pound became less interested in literature than in economics, although he continued to express literary interests in the Cantos , and his interest in translating from Greek and Latin remained fairly constant. (p. 7)

Pound is not especially imaginative in creating the substance of his own poems. His gift is verbal, and he is at his best when using another poet's substance for his own purposes. Romeo? In the Cantos , he is not quite a translator, but he does rely on the substance of rating scale earlier poems. (p. 18) Pound is romeo and paris, commonly seen as one who explained, justified, and rationalized the modernist idiom in poetry.

All this is true. He has also written in that idiom. But at his best, as in occasional passages in in Hinduism, the Cantos , he is a lyricist in the company of Herrick, Waller, or Ben Jonson, though certainly of a lesser order. His translations from romeo and paris Chinese poetry have a similar lyric quality. The River Merchant's Wife: A Letter, written in a subdued tone, is as beautiful as any poem in the Pound canon. (p. 19) Rhythms in music and poetry were a fairly constant preoccupation with Pound. Rhythm, he said, determines pitch and melody; pitch depends on the frequency with which sounds strike the Social Issues in Hinduism, ear; variations in pitch control melody. In poetry, he continued, the frequency of vowel or consonant sounds produces pitch; a changed frequency makes for higher or lower sound, and variation produces the melody of a line. And Contrast Romeo And Paris? (p. 21) His commitment to Imagism and Vorticism was complicated by scale his interest in romeo and paris, Chinese poetry and scale, the Japanese Noh.

Pound also theorized about the relationship between music (in the British Who's Who he identified himself as poet and composer) and the conversational or prose line. The city, the automobile, and social life did not deeply engage him. There is a sense then in compare romeo and paris, which Pound is not a modernist poet. Or perhaps one should say he was a modernist only briefly. Pound has a pantheon of writers who helped sustain his vision of the world as it ought to be, and more and more he turned to them. (pp. 25-6)

In the Cantos , as the years pass, there is an increasing dependence on violence and pride and prejudice scenes, shock, on compare and paris obscenities and scatological descriptions. Worse, there is an airy indifference when Pound mentions genocide or mass suffering. (p. 42) William Van O'Connor, in his Ezra Pound (University of Minnesota Pamphlets on The Life of W.B. American Writers, No. 26), University of and contrast romeo Minnesota Press, 1963 (and in Dictionary of American Literary Biography, Scribner's, 1973) . The classic defence of The Cantos as a unity must always depend upon an unquestioning acceptance of Pound's own critical theoryupon the contention that Pound is exploiting a new, or at least unfamiliar principle of constructionwhat Pound himself called the ideogrammic method. Imagist poetry had required the of the of usher, poem to be a hard, clear and compare romeo, complete thing which presents not simply the outward fact, but with that fact creates and communicates an inward experience. Pound's theory proposes the use of these single images in of the house movie, a syntactical sequence analogous to Eisenstein's use of the single shot in the montage syntax of the film.

Both developed their theories by analogy with Oriental writing systems, and in both cases the analogy was wrongwhich is, of course, of no importance. What is important is that both of and contrast romeo these two great artists should be reacting in such very similar ways to the new problems of communication created by the twentieth century. Pound regularly mistook his own total immersion in his material for of the house of usher movie, the total involvement of his reader. Only intermittently was he able 'To have gathered from the air a live tradition/or from a fine old eye the unconquered flame'. The rest is vanity. Pound bullied his audience, but what is worse, he bullied the and contrast and paris, tradition too. By instinct he was a reformer; he wanted to nuclear change society, to change people. His poetic theory was an attempt to direct poetry once more into an exploitation of the natural and instinctive patterns of man's experience and behaviour, and compare and contrast romeo and paris, his final aim was to educate man into Issues a proper understanding of himself and the world he had inherited. He aimed at a blend of the and paris, epic and Social Issues, the correspondence course in general culture. [Nevertheless], paradoxically, it is to Pound more than anyone else that we owe our contemporary sense of the need for poetry to achieve universality. The very essence of his theory, like that of Eliot's, was that the poet and the poem should, as it were, be loci through which the compare romeo, fullness of a shared tradition shall manifest itself with new vigour.

The astonishing thing is house of usher movie, that a poet who is so often silly as a thinker, and whose emotional equipment is so unstable and unreliable, could ever have achieved the compare and paris, reputation of greatness. And yet he is a great poet, and his greatness is not just a matter of his much-vaunted technical excellenceanother of the orthodoxies of the Pound enthusiast which needs some questioning. Furthermore, the great successes of The Cantos , for Issues Essay, instance the Pisan sequence, are achieved despite frequent technical failure, to compare and contrast romeo say nothing of the frequent failures of tone and taste which we have to learn to disregard if we are ever to get anywhere with The Cantos . David E. Ward, The Emperor's Clothes?, in Essays in Criticism, January, 1968, pp. 68-73 . [The] Cantos convey very clearly the power that has sustained Pound throughout his turbulent career: it lies, still, in the ultimate conviction that the poet is in some way the poem charge of the, voice of a supernatural power running through the universe. It is and contrast, Pound's conception of rating a world in memory sustained within the mind of one man that makes the Cantos one of the great poems in English. Pound calls it his palimpsest, and and contrast and paris, indeed there is no better word to describe the effects of these, as of pros all the earlier Cantos. Pound's poems are a manuscript written over the faintly discernible words of others, a shifting, glittering, glimmering memory of creative achievement that gleams through the ugliness of existence and makes what Pound humorously calls a nice quiet paradise over compare romeo and paris, the shamblesa paradise within the Social Issues in Hinduism, mind, holding together man's cultural achievements, retaining the old scripts, making them legible again. It is, of course, the romantic conception of mind that DeQuincey summed up when he said that the compare romeo, human brain was a natural and mighty palimpsest. Deriving from Wordsworth's Prelude and Whitman's Leaves of Grass , Pound's Cantos pick up and house movie, sustain the cultures of the world within the apprehension of an individual mind and pass them on to poets such as [Robert] Lowell. Louis L. Martz, in Yale Review ( 1970 by Yale University; reprinted by and contrast and paris permission of the editors), Spring, 1970, pp.

262-63 . Ezra Pound's Cantos are cultural poems. They belong in the tradition of Walt Whitman which survives in the twentieth century in Issues, the poetry of Hart Crane and William Carlos Williams. Compare? Pound differs from The Life of W.B. Yeats a poet like Crane because he does not necessarily see individual reform as the answer to external abuses. Compare Romeo? Crane bolts an iron suspension bridge to our hearts. Pound goes to the external forces themselves; he analyzes social institutions, recommends those he believes will serve as models for the future, and condemns those he believes will generate malignant effects. More than this, Pound writes as a poet-historian. His Cantos lay claim to the validity of poem light historical scholarship.

They claim to be truthful presentations of actual historical events. Ron Baar, Ezra Pound: Poet as Historian ( 1971 by the Duke University Press), in American Literature, January, 1971, pp. 531-43 . [Pound's] spluttering and romeo, incandescent failure is worth more than most men's solid achievements. His romantic desire for charge brigade, the earthly beatitude which many artists are continually seeking: his poetry, perhaps, would be a torch lighting up a neglected pathway: as a recent poem declares, a rushlight to lead us back to compare and paris splendour . William Dyson, The Fluctuations of Ezra Pound, in scale, Books and Bookmen, September, 1971, pp. 22-7 . [The] writing of the later Cantos represented for Pound a radical break with his past, almost a denial of the earlier mode. Erudite to the point of pedantry, opaque, and generally incomprehensible except to the most dedicated literary archaeologists, the later Cantos kept away many who would have come to him quite naturally as a teacher. And so, of course, did the U.S. government, for during that crucial decade of change for poetry, the 1950s, Ezra Pound was tucked away in St.

Elizabeth's Hospital, a prisoner for compare romeo, his wartime follies. Yet it may well have been more than Pound's inaccessibility that diminished his influence with the new generation of poets that was then struggling to be born. In a more devious way, it was probably because Ezra Pound, with his secure niche in the literary history of the modern movement, was more academically respectable that his impact [on the mania rating, Beats and others] was less than [William Carlos] Williams's. Bruce Cook, in his The Beat Generation (reprinted by permission of Charles Scribner's Sons from The Beat Generation by and contrast romeo Bruce Cook; 1971 Bruce Cook), Scribner's, 1971, p. 119 . Pound always made a great show of learning and a bold claim to nuclear power authority. His major work, the Cantos , hints in its very title that it intends to rival the Comedy of Dante. It is and contrast romeo, nearly as polyglot as Joyce's Finnegans Wake . It contains sentences and power pros, phrases not only in poetic English and slang both American and Cockney, but in Chinese, ancient Greek, classical Latin, medieval Latin, French, Italian, Provencal, German, and jargons of various origin.

Several of his books bear titles in Latin and other tongues: Lustra, Personae, A Lume Spento . Compare Romeo And Paris? His interest in Greek and Latin is not merely a pose. It is an charge of the light brigade, essential part of his development as a poet. He really loved the classics and believed in them. Compare Romeo? But he would not take the trouble to charge light brigade understand them thoroughly. An earnest reader, if he has no Greek and Latin himself, is pleasantly mystified and feels a vague admiration for and contrast romeo and paris, a poet with so many languages and echoes ringing in his mind. Most of his commentators treat Pound's intellectual equipment with deference. [and] readers seem to believe that Pound is a truly scholarly writer.

How deeply, how accurately, and how sensitively he knows other languages I cannot tell; but although he shows off his Greek and movie, his Latin, his Latin is compare and contrast, poor and his Greek is contemptible. He would not admit his deficiencies and The Life of W.B. Yeats Essay, cure them through humility and industry. And Contrast And Paris? Nor would he shun those areas where a display of ignorance might be damaging. Where others would turn their eyes away from the sanctuary, or else enter with quiet step and bowed head, Ezra Pound charged in, shouting and singing and hiccuping, on roller skates, and rollicked around breaking the decorations and scrawling his name on the walls. These are not trivial or pedantic criticisms. They go to the heart of Pound's poetic ambitions. Reflecting on Pound's incoherent and shallow work, reading the record of his wasted life, glancing through the rating scale, respectful but impercipient commentaries on his poems, and looking with painful puzzlement through his collected letters, we can understand why many intelligent peoplenot only in the United States but elsewhereturn away from him with pity and compare, scorn. Pride? He ruined what might have been a viable talent, because he believed that he could be a great writer without humility, without knowledge, and without concentration. When he began to write, he possessed several of the qualities of romeo and paris a poet.

His mistake was to believe that he was already complete, that he did not need to grow, and that his few inborn qualities were enough. We are surrounded, infested, by and Poetry of W.B. poets of this kind two generations later. In Canto LXXIV he quoted the Greek proverb 'Beauty is difficult'; but he did not remember it. He wrecked his mind with exhibition and compare, competition and improvisation and opposition and destructive criticism and silly self-advertisement and pointless correspondence and a perpetual compulsive self-justificatory monologue which served as a substitute for thought. Gilbert Highet, Beer-bottle on the Pediment ( 1971 by Gilbert Highet; reprinted by permission of Oxford University Press, Inc.), in his Explorations, Oxford University Press, 1971, pp.

244-56 . Access our Ezra Pound Study Guide for Free. Ezra Pound Homework Help Questions. Ezra Pound, an mania, American poet, is known for his controversial life. Celebrated as one of the leading poets of the 20th Century, Pound's poetry comes from the compare and contrast and paris, imagist movement in nuclear power pros, modern poetry. . I really like that question! Ezra Pound was an imagist, a modern 20th century poet who believed that language should be used economically. This was in contrast to Romantic poetry, which was. Ezra Pounds poem The Plunge has been the subject of commentary by a number of analysts. And Contrast Romeo? Michael Alexander, for instance, in his book The Poetic Achievement of Ezra Pound, argues that the.

Do you know when the poem was published? That will help you analyze it, because enotes has an extensive biography on Pound, and he went through several phases. This poem is interesting because it. Ezra Pound uses the classic technique of the evocative power of sounds in his scheme (a kind of figure of speech) for evoking emotion in Taking Leave of a Friend. The image of Blue mountain and.

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The close of one chapter and the beginning of a new one Here goes my fourth and final blog assignment for my Case Studies and Issues in PR course! And the romeo and paris, question is As your studies in PR come to a close, what aspect of Public Relations interested you the most? How do you think your career will be informed by your new knowledge of Public Relations? The aspect of Public Relations that I find most interesting is just how much power PR professionals hold.

I mean from what weve learnt over the course of a year, its apparent that PR has a footing everywhere. PR professionals are responsible for crafting the messages that are delivered to the public and in Hinduism the media on compare and contrast and paris, behalf of businesses and public figures, they are the pride scenes, ones who figure out how best to convey messages to the public using a variety of innovative and creative strategies and they are also the ones who work tirelessly to try and protect an and contrast romeo, organizations reputation when crises occur. PR plays such a critical role in developing and maintaining a successful business, which is why I believe PR to be such a powerful profession. The Life Of W.B.! Before taking this program, I really had no idea about how much really goes into PR and how much PR professionals actually do. Even though weve learnt that PR can make or break a business and compare can be very stressful at times, Ive become more and more interested in power pros this profession as the months have gone on. Compare And Contrast! I feel as though the skills Ive learnt through this program have prepared me for an exciting and rewarding career in PR. Photo Cred: Everything Ive learnt in this program has informed my knowledge of PR because I didnt know much about the Social Issues Essay, profession beforehand other than it dealt with communications. I dont think I can pinpoint just one way in which my knowledge of and contrast romeo and paris, PR has expanded throughout this program because every single course Ive taken and in Hinduism Essay instructor Ive had, has profoundly impacted the compare and contrast romeo and paris, way I see PR and marketing. Ive not only learnt about the various components that go into PR and marketing but Ive learnt how to execute and develop them. For instance, in The Life and Poetry of W.B. Essay the last year Ive crafted press releases, marketing plans, PR strategies, pitches, radio ads and so many other communication and marketing based materials.

Therefore, Im confident that everything Ive learnt in this program, from the PR skills to the marketing skills, will help me in the future and in my career as a PR professional. I feel as though Im much more prepared now for the working world than I was 12 months ago and I owe that to the amazing instructors whove challenged me and to the incredible classmates whose friendship and encouragement have made me a stronger person. I end this blog, the last one of my post secondary career, with one of my favorite quotes, which just so happens to also be a very important piece of advice for an aspiring PR professional like myself Words are, in my sot-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it. Albus Dumbledore. J.K Rowling, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. The following is a screenshot of a comment I left on a classmates blog post. Zimmer vs. Mens Wearhouse Lesson Learnt. For my third blog post, Ive been asked to reflect on what Ive learnt so far in my Case Studies Issues in PR class.

Specifically, Ive been asked to filter back through all the case studies weve encountered so far and select the one that Ive found most interesting and compare romeo and paris educational from and Poetry of W.B. Essay, a PR standpoint. So to and contrast romeo and paris start, here is the actual question Ive been asked to answer: From the cases weve discussed in class so far, which case has most captured your interest, and why? From a PR perspective, what did you learn from this case? Perhaps its because this was one of the very first case studies we looked at as a class but the Mens Wearhouse case has left a lasting impression. Of W.B.! I found this case particularly interesting because it shows what not to compare romeo and paris do as a company as well as what happens when a company and its founder go their separate ways in pride a less than amicable fashion.

For example, I found it really interesting that a company, which has been around for approximately 40 years, could respond and compare romeo and paris manage their PR so poorly. I feel like if youre working PR for a company, maintaining a positive brand image and responding in the fall of the of usher a timely and appropriate manner to the media/public is of the utmost importance. Mens Wearhouse did a terrible job of responding to compare and contrast Zimmers statements and the medias/publics inquiries regarding the founders dismissal. Mens Wearhouse went about the whole Zimmer situation wrong and the company suffered for it in terms of Essay, its brand image and sales. Therefore, this specific case is interesting in that it shows everything you shouldnt do if youre working in PR for a company caught in a sticky situation, such as when a company decides to compare and contrast and paris fire its beloved founder. Photo Cred: From a PR perspective this case study really exemplifies the importance of: Timing Being prepared and Social Issues Essay reactive Giving quality customer service Communicating with employees/staff. For example, Mens Wearhouse released a very short and vague statement regarding Zimmers dismissal and compare romeo then the company disappeared for six whole days. The Fall House! During these six days, the company chose not to respond to compare romeo and paris anything not to Zimmers statement regarding his dismissal, not to the medias inquiries and not to the myriad of charge of the light brigade, comments that were posted on social media. This silence did not bode well for the company and made the company appear unprepared, unorganized and unprofessional.

Overall, the companys failure to compare and contrast romeo and paris respond in Social in Hinduism Essay a timely manner to Zimmers statements and to compare and paris the publics inquiries really hindered Mens Wearhouses image. The Life And Poetry Of W.B. Yeats! In addition, the company failed to compare romeo properly communicate their decision to fire Zimmer with their employees. Mens Wearhouse employees were largely left in the dark alongside the public, which couldnt have done wonders for of the movie employee morale or loyalty. Compare Romeo And Paris! All in all, this case really emphasizes the mania rating, importance of looking at the big picture and making sure that, as a PR professional, you consider all stakeholders and communicate effectively. The following is a screenshot of a comment I left on a classmates blog post. This blog post consists of my responses to compare romeo three questions, which were posed in my Case Studies and Issues in PR course. 1. What has made you change your opinion of a public figure, organization or brand? When I first read this question, I immediately thought of Lance Armstrong. Now Im not, by any stretch of the imagination, a Tour de France nut and I cant say that Ive exactly followed Armstrongs rise to poem charge of the light fame but I can tell you that whenever Id hear his name or see his picture flash across the television screen, one word always came to mind inspirational. Compare And Contrast Romeo And Paris! I mean the guy beat cancer, he founded the LIVE STRONG foundation, he was a competitive athlete, he won countless Tour de France titles and his best friend was/is Matthew McConaughey clearly the The Life and Poetry Yeats, man was an inspiration.

All joking aside though, Armstrong really has persevered through some very difficult obstacles in his life. He certainly was a role model to and paris many people. However, in early 2013 it was revealed that Armstrongs athletic success had largely been a sham. Photo Cred: Josh Galt Now Armstrong had been accused of taking performance enhancing drugs for years but vehemently denied it. Nuclear Power Pros! However, he revealed to Oprah Winfrey in 2013 that he was in fact guilty of romeo and paris, taking various types of performance enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career. Following this big reveal and the conclusion of an investigation, Armstrongs Tour de France titles were taken away from him. There are many speculations and stories that exist around Armstrongs avid use of Social Issues Essay, performance enhancing drugs; however, there are two things in romeo particular that have really tainted the way I see Armstrong now. #1. He lied Armstrong had so many opportunities to come clean but he chose to continue to use drugs to enhance his athletic performance.

He won titles and accepted exorbitant amounts of money all under false pretenses. #2. He robbed other athletes Armstrong overshadowed other cyclists who worked hard and fought fair. These two reasons are largely why my perception of Armstrong has changed. It is not to pride say that he has not done some really fantastic work for those battling cancer but now his scandal is what he is most known for.

Sadly, now when I see the name Lance Armstrong, the one word that comes to mind is and contrast and paris, fraud. 2. What factors have influenced your decision to do or not do something? For this question, I have listed the primary factors that influenced my decision to power pros enroll in and contrast and paris PACEs Public Relations Marketing Management Diploma Program. #1. Persuasion of a friend. My friend, Amy, and I heard about nuclear power pros PACE and its PR program from a guy in compare romeo and paris one of our university courses. After getting some basic information from scenes, him about the program and PACE, Amy decided to look into the program further and, using her powers of persuasion, convinced me to do the same.

When we learnt about the PR program, we were both enrolled at and contrast romeo and paris the University of pros, Winnipeg majoring in romeo and paris Rhetoric, Writing and Communications and we didnt exactly feel prepared for the working world just yet. I was actually looking at in Hinduism Essay a Corporate Communications program out east when Amy started telling me more about PACE and this PR program. I finally started to look into the program myself and I arranged a meeting with PACEs program coordinator to and contrast and paris find out brigade a bit more about compare romeo what the program offered. #2. The benefits of the program. After doing a bit of research on my own and poem meeting with PACEs program coordinator, I quickly discovered that this program offered much more than just a couple of diplomas and a certificate.

The program offered courses that were taught by industry professionals who had real life PR and marketing experience. And Contrast And Paris! These instructors would be focusing more on the hands on, practical skills related to PR and marketing as opposed to just teaching us the theoretical stuff. Therefore, the prospect of gaining valuable, hands on PR and marketing skills was really an influential factor for me in and prejudice scenes enrolling in the PACEs PR program. Some additional factors that influenced my decision to enroll into the program were that the program was only compare, 12 months and there was an internship component at Issues in Hinduism Essay the end of it. Another benefit of taking PACEs PR program was that it allowed me to and contrast receive the remaining 6 credit hours of electives I needed to graduate with my BA. #3. Close to of the home. As I mentioned earlier, I was looking into a Corporate Communications program out compare romeo east when I learnt about PACE. After looking at both the programs, I decided that if I went with PACE I wouldnt have to uproot and move away from my family.

Also, the tuition cost of PACE was far less in comparison to the cost I would incur moving out rating east and enrolling in a program out romeo there. Therefore, the fact that PACE was in Manitoba and poem charge light brigade was right across the street from where Id been going to university for the past 4 years was definitely an influential factor in my decision to enroll in PACEs PR program. 3. Romeo! What has made you think differently about an issue? In my market research class, we had to power pros pick a topic/issue that we were interested in and could conduct a survey on. The stepping stone to completing our final assignment was to launch an online survey consisting of a variety of questions that would unveil the opinions and thoughts of others on compare and paris, the topic/issue we had chosen. Scale! The issue I chose to investigate was the influence that MTVs 16 Pregnant and Teen Mom had on compare and contrast and paris, teen pregnancy. My hypothesis was that these two programs educated teens to an extent about the hardships and pitfalls of being a teen parent but, for the most part, I felt like these shows glamorized teen pregnancy by making celebrities out of the teen parents. Before launching my survey, I did research and found many articles that both praised 16 Pregnant and Teen Mom for its educational merits and dismissed the poem of the brigade, two shows as simply encouraging teens to have unprotected sex with the hope of becoming famous one day.

From my research, I created my online survey and asked women, between the ages of 15-30, to compare and contrast and paris respond. I was pretty surprised that the opposite of my hypothesis seemed to be proven based on the responses I collected. For example, based on the survey responses, it appeared as though the vast majority of people associated 16 Pregnant and Teen Mom with positively influencing teens to Issues refrain from becoming teen parents. Compare And Contrast! My results did indicate that the two programs are seen as somewhat glamorizing teen parenthood; however, the pros, educational merits of the programs seemed to stand out more for my respondents. Also, in my research, I found a study that was conducted in the United States that actually found a correlation between 16 Pregnant and Teen Mom and compare romeo and paris the decline of teen pregnancy in pride the states.

Therefore, based on my market research as well as various articles and studies, I now think differently about the issue regarding whether or not 16 Pregnant and Teen Mom are glamorizing teen pregnancy or if these two programs are actually sending an educational message to teens. Now, I think that these programs are doing largely what they intended to do and some of the proof lies in and paris the decline of rating scale, teen pregnancy in the United States since the programs first aired. Photo Cred: The following is a screenshot of a comment I left on one of my classmates blog posts regarding the pink slime controversy.